Eve Online Doomsday Devices

Eve Online Doomsday Devices
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Original Design of Eve’s Ulitmate Weapons

Doomsday Devices are the most devastating weapons in the Eve Online universes. The hard point requirements for these weapons are so intensive that only Titan class capital ships can mount them.

CCP originally designed these weapons as area effect devices capable of taking out large portions of opposing fleets. They no longer take out multiple ships when fired, but a Titan that fires one of these weapons can almost always wipe out any ship they aim these weapons at. The Gallente fire the Aurora Ominae, the Caldari fire the Oblivion, Amar fire the Judgment, and the newly formed Mimnatar Republic pilots fire the Gjallorhorn against their enemies. A Doomsday Device does a base of 37,500 damage before any modifiers from ship bonuses or pilot skills are applied.

Skills Needed to Operate the Eve Online Doomsday Devices

The Doomsday Devices require a certain set of skills to fire. A pilot can possess all the skills needed to pilot a Titan class ship, but he will not realize the true power of these vessels until he can fire the ship’s ultimate weapon.

The skills to fire the ultimate weapons in Eve are listed below. The Secondary skills are the same as the skills required to pilot the appropriate Titan.

  • Doomsday Device Operation I
  • Science V
  • Energy Pulse Weapons V
  • Engineering II
  • Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
  • Weapon Upgrades V
  • Gunnery II

Doomsday Devices Attack Styles

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Each Doomsday Device uses its own attack style. The Caldari Oblivion fires a barrage of missiles; the Gallente fire antimatter weapons, and the Minmatar use hybrid weapons. The Amarr Judgment brings its artillery turrets to bear on heathens, heretics, and races suitable only for enslavement.

Regardless of the forms these weapons take, they all make the ship using them immobile for thirty seconds. In addition, the larger expenditures of energy prevent a ship that fires a Doomsday device from using its jump engines or cloaking devices from ten minutes after firing the weapon. The Titans include a few additional slots where more weapon can be mounted.

Making Eve Online Doomsday Devices

Players nee

 eve online dominion

d to spend several months learning the skills needed to make these items. Some of the skills are the same skills that are required in order to make the capital ships on which these devices will ultimately be mounted. Provided that a player has the skills necessary to pilot a Titan ship, he only needs the necessary manufacturing skills. A player also needs capital ship construction I and Industry I.

Aurora Ominae Material Requirements

  • Tritanium – 1,792,831
  • Pyerite – 1,154,545
  • Mexallon – 391,478
  • Isogen – 249,899
  • Nocxium – 294,678
  • Zydrin – 18,690
  • Megacyte – 25,57

Gjallarhorn Marterial Requirements

  • Tritanium – 1,990,695
  • Pyerite – 1,032,811
  • Mexallon – 564,204
  • Isogen – 209,794
  • Nocxium – 360,010
  • Zydrin – 18,631
  • Megacyte – 27,081

Judgment Material Requirements

  • Tritanium - 1,756,534
  • Pyerite - 1,237,572
  • Mexallon – 482,526
  • Isogen 252,912
  • Nocxium – 321,785
  • Zydrine – 20,572
  • Megacyte – 24,562

Oblivion Material Requirements

  • Tritanium –1,330,684
  • Pyerite – 1,161,354
  • Mexallon – 648,107
  • Isogen – 183,139
  • Nocxium – 395,940
  • Megacyte – 21,250

Using Eve Online Doomsday Devices


Doomsday devices do not fire automatically. They must be engaged by the ship’s pilot. Because of their damage output, they do not fire as quickly as the base weapons in Eve Online. The changes to the Titans upped their damage for their preferred racial weapons. This change made up for the switch that made Eve Online’s ultimate weapon single target devices.

The first alliance to use these awesome weapons was the now defunct Band of Brothers. (Goonsquad orchestrated the downfall of this alliance.) The large Sovereignty requirements has kept the number of these weapons in use down, and the cost for the ships and the weapons makes them prohibitively expensive. The isk cost alone keeps them in the hands of Alliances rather than single players.

Even players who follow a guide to getting a lot of isk may find it difficult to earn enough money to make the Titans. Eve Online’s ultimate weapons cost almost as much to produce as the ships themselves do.


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