Can You Buy and Sell Eve Online Accounts?

Can You Buy and Sell Eve Online Accounts?
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Players can buy and sell accounts in Eve Online. They are not supposed to. The process works the same as it does in other games. It is also as frowned upon as it is in other games. The only difference is that the makers of Eve Online pursue bought and sold accounts more aggressively than do their competitors. A player can still buy and sell accounts if he is careful. Because the makers of the game disapprove of real-world trading, they will take steps to prevent players from buying accounts.

One of the least effective things that Eve’s developers have done to prevent the buying and selling of accounts is the way the game handles the speeding up of its skills. A player has to invest a lot of time in the game to get to the skills he needs to fly some of the game’s most advanced ships.

This is not a problem for a player who has had his account for a long time, but it is a daunting task for someone who just gets into the game. The way skills are learned in this space combat MMO prevents the skill grinding that occurs in other games, but it encourages the buying and selling of accounts.

Eve Online has tried a few other ways to combat people buying and selling account, although they have not yet reached the level of the ways that they try to make real world trading of Isk less profitable.

What The Game Masters Do To Account Buyers They Catch

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The person who buys an account is at the mercy of the account’s original owner. If the account holder does not want to come back to the game at any point, the person who know owns the account does not have to worry about losing his account after it is sold. A person who does decide he makes a mistake can come back to the game.

There are two possible outcomes of a person making a claim against a purchased account. CCP will either give the account back to the original owner or they can ban the account entirely. The game masters will make the final decision in either case. The policy used mirrors the policy used in almost every other MMORPG. The reason they may give the accounts back is that they are sometimes sold by hackers who have gained access to a player’s password.

Can You Still Buy and Sell Accounts Safely?

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You can buy used accounts with relative safely. Real-world traders who buy and sell accounts rely on the honesty of the people who use these services. Many players do not feel that the accounts are actually the property of CCP. The idea that the accounts are the property of CCP comes from the idea of software licensing agreements. The user purchases the right to use the Eve client through his account. The license to use a program model has never fond its way into the human mindset.

When a person sells his account, he will change the password before giving it to the new owner. This new password should be a password he does not use for any of his other accounts. This protects him from malicious people who will use his information from other purposes, and it has happened.

How The Developers Try to Stop Account Selling

Eve Online has tried a different strategy than many other games to combat the real world traders. Many of the MMO developers frown on such practices but turn a blind eye to it. After all, an account that gets sold allows CCP to continue collecting money from it. CCP has not done much to prevent this that is not already tied to the ways to prevent Isk sellers. A person can have multiple accounts, and he can transfer characters between accounts.

Transferring characters between accounts can help those who dual box manage their accounts. Managing a fleet is not much easier than managing multiple characters in land-based MMOs. The character does not need to buy multiple accounts to get the skills in the fleet he needs.

The best way Eve Online can discourage the buying and selling accounts, and one they have so far declined to do, is to change the way skills are learned in real-time. The temptation to buy and sell account comes because it takes over a year of time for a player to reach the point where he can pilot capital class ships. Until this problem is solved, the demand for played accounts will continue.



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