How to Make Rocket Fuel in EVE Online

How to Make Rocket Fuel in EVE Online
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How to Make Rocket Fuel in EVE Online

Rocket fuel production is probably the most profitable material that can comes out of a planet in EVE Online. In fact, you can make a lot of money in a short time with good market skills and the right method. In addition to that, Rocket Fuel can be produced easily by a single player without wasting a lot of time in the process. We will guide you through the process of making Rocket Fuel with your planet with a simple and easy to understand method. There are a lot of great ressources on Brighthub if you want to understand or you need help with the basics of planetary interactions.

The skills you’ll need to Produce Rocket Fuel

  • Command Center Upgrades 4
  • Interplanetary Consolidation 2
  • Planetology 3
  • Remote Sensing 1

Find your location


To make Rocket Fuel in EVE Online, you’ll need to find a Solar System that is easy to access and preferably safe for you. At least three planets must be present in your Solar System. Two of these planets will be exploited to find the two ingredients needed to produce your Rocket Fuel. The third one will serve as a factory to put the ingredients together and make your Rocket Fuel. For the first ingredients planet, it is recommended to choose a Storm Planet. If you can’t find one, go for a Gas Planet. The second ingredient planet must be a Storm, Plasma or Lava Planet. Finally, the last one that will be producing your Rocket Fuel should be the smallest planet of the three to avoid the larger costs of power connection present on large planets. You’ll want to gather Ionic Solutions on your first Storm Planet and get the second ingredient(the plasmoids) on your other types of planets. It is a good idea to gather your Ionic Solutions from the Storm Planets because they can be rare and hard to find compared to the other types of planets.

Building your Planet to Make Rocket Fuel

Command Center + Extractor + Space Port

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Your ingredients planet will have the same harvesting design. In the first place, you’ll need to scan your planet for your first ressource until you find a good spot of ressources. The next step if to construct your command center in this spot followed by a Space Port located near it. After your Space Port is constructed, build an extractor near your space port and connect them. Once this is done, begin harvesting at maximum capacity and you’ll see that the ingredients will be sent to your space port.


Rocket Fuel

The next step is to build your facilities. Build 5 basic industry facilities and place them to shape a ring around your space port. When they are placed near your space port, build a connection between them and configure your fresh industries to process your ingredients and then send them back to the Space Port. For the your planet that is producing Ionic Solutions, configure your facilities so the Ionic Solution becomes Electrolyes. As you can see, your Space port is a very important center in all the production process. Don’t waste grid space to connect your Command Center to your other buildings as this will be useless. Leaving the Command Center without connection will allow you to save time and to simplify the production process because the ingredients will go right to the Space Port without waiting in the Command Center. If, for some reason, you’re harvesting too much ressources and your industries aren’t able to process them as fast as you’d want to, simply build more basic industry facilities.



Now, it is time to combine your plasmoids and electrolyes on your third Planet. Place a command center on your factory planet, but the location is not important this time. Build two space ports near your command center. With this setup, you’ll have one space port for each of your ingredients. Now build some Advanced Industry Facilities around your space ports and connect them together to form a big chain of production. With this chain and the two separated Space Ports, you’ll have a balanced amount of your two ingredients in each of your ports. This will allow you to evitate surplus and to use all your ingredients to make Rocket Fuel. Be sure to visit your planet once in a while to pick up your new Rocket Fuel and reset your extractors to continue the production.