Eve Online Pilot's Guide to the Minmatar Typhoon Battleship

Eve Online Pilot's Guide to the Minmatar Typhoon Battleship
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The Battle Hymn, er ship, of the Republic

Every Eve Online race has a battleship that is the envy of every other pilot of that race. That is almost true for the Minmatar Republic’s Typhoon. The Typhoon requires a little more work to find the proper fits for PvE and PvP play than the Caldari Raven or the Gallente Megatrhon do. Its versatility, however, is one of its greatest strengths, and finding the proper fit can be a challenge for strategically minded players.

The Typhoon is one ship where creative players can showcase their skills by choosing just the right weaponry and equipment to prepare this battleship for any situation which a pilot might encounter. It also means that there are many creative combination that simply do not work, so the owner of the Typhoon should be picky in selecting weapons for his ship

Piloting the Ship through the Worlds of New Eden

Eve Online Sunset

Most Minmatar ships include light armor and fast engines. Pilots will favor hit and run tactics in player versus environment or player versus player situations, so whether you are using the ship in PvE or PvP, the important thing is to fly as fast as the ship’s engines and the skill of the player will allow.

Pilots of the Minmatar Typhoon battleship must possess the necessary skills. Desirable skills are Minmatar battleships, missiles, artillery, damage control, shield and armor repair. Skills that increase the rate of fire of the ship’s weapons are what a player should focus on when flying the Typhoon. Armor and shields upgrades always give a ship extra staying power, but the options for Minmatar players will offer significantly less protection than the armor and shield upgrades available to the ships of other races. The best strategy when flying any Minmatar Republic ship is to get hit as little as possible. The Typhoon can take damage, but it is better suited to dishing it out.

Typhoon PvE and PvP Fitting Continued

A Minmtar battleship in port

PvP fits for the Typhoon are similar to the PvE fits, except that higher-damage weapons, such as missile mounts, are favored over faster-firing weapons. Faster-firing weapons are good in both situations, but the philosophy most Typhoon pilots use in PvP is to try to eliminate enemy ships before they can fire back. This strategy works well for most of the smaller ships.

It is possible to use a middle of the road fitting that works well in both PvP and PvE situations, and this situation typically relies on bringing as many weapons as possible to bear on a target as quickly as possible. This strategy reduces the overall damage of the Typhoon battleship in any given attack, but the increased speed should make up for it. Keep in mind that finding a middle ground means that the ship will truly excel at neither combat against NPCs nor combat against other players.

The Typhoon Battleship and the Minmatar Republic

Minmatar Insignia

Engineers throughout the worlds of New Eden have criticized the designers of the Typhoon for their inability to focus. It seems that they have left too much choice in the hands of the owner of the ship, and the ship as it comes from the factory requires a lot of upgrades before a pilot can use it for any specific application. In some ways, it could be considered the Linux of the Eve Onlne universe. It is the perfect ship for the tinkerer.

This perception fails to consider something about the attitudes of the Republic and its people. The Minmatar, having been the slaves of the Amarr for centuries, have not decided to limit their pilots by telling them how they should fit their ships. The versatility of the Typhoon represents this freedom and allows for additional ingenuity that may not be as easily found on ships coming from the fleets of other factions.


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