The Mimnatar Titan Class Ragnarok

The Mimnatar Titan Class Ragnarok
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Bringing the Mimnatar Republic Peace through Superior Firepower

The pilots of the fledgling Mimnatar Republic will protect the freedom of their new nation. Not all of the clans have yet seen the wisdom of joining the Republic, but the pilots who fly for the fledgling republic understand the fiercely independent nature of their people, and protect their rights and fight the hard-won independence of all their people everywhere. Both Republic and Independent pilots will do everything in their power to keep their people from become the slaves of te Amarr again.

Most Mimnatar ships are suited for hit and run tactics, and the Ragnarok is no exception. Its shields, armor, and hull may not be as tough as some of the other battleships it faces, but it makes up for this shortcoming with powerful engines and heavy weapons mounts, including one of the highest damage ‘doomsday weapons’ in the universe of Eve Online.

Proper Fitting of the Ragnarok Titan

The Mimnatar Ragnarok is a Titan class ship has six turret slots and two slots for missile launchers. This faction favors the use of heavy artillery over other types of weapons. This Titan class also 8 middle points and 4 low points. The key to fitting this ship properly, lies in the engine and weapon selection. It never hurts to upgrade any shields and armor of any ship in Eve Online to the maximum possible level, but pilots should focus on increasing the firepower and speed as these are the traits of the ship that will best serve the pilot of the Ragnarok.

The other upgrades to the ship should involve improving the ship’s speed, repairing damage, and improving the accuracy of the cannons. Additional upgrades that improve the range of the artillery should also be considered.

Skills Needed by the Mimnatar Ragnarok Pilot

Ragnarok Minmatar Titan by Tar Minastir

The name of the ship suggests something of the mindset of the Republic that create. The gods of the Norse pantheon prepared constantly for their final battle, so too must the pilot of this Titan class ship be ready to fight against anyone who would threaten Mimnatar independence. Of course, he should start by learning the Mimnatar Titan ship skill. A pilot should also focus on artillery, damage control, missiles, and any skills that boost the performance of his ship’s engines.

Pilot Strategies for Flying the Mimnatar Regnarok

A Ragnarok Orbiting a Planet

The Ragnarok fares much better in PvP than the Caldari Raven, where it serves as what might be called a “light tank” in other mmorpgs. It rushes in against a specific target, unloads as many weapons as it can. The Ragnarok should be quickly flown away to a place where enemies cannot damage it. The missile launchers, the cannons, and the perhaps a laser or two for those who favor weapons that fire quickly should be unloaded all at once.

Some ships require different strategies inlayer versus player and player versus environment situations. The Mimnatar does not fall into this category. The key to flying winning battles in both types of encounters is getting hit as little as is possible, although this ship can take a lot more damage than many of the smaller Mimnatar Republic offerings.

Is the Ragnarok Viable in PvP?

The hit-and-run strategy that most pilots will use makes the ship well suited for PvP, but it will not be a first choice for tanking purposes. When the situtation calls for a lot of burst damage, this battlesip is an excellent addition to fleets in PvE and PvP. Unfortunately, its large size may make it something of a target when fighting against other players, but it does well when strafing runs are required.

The extra speed of this titan class ship over other ships of its class or battle ships such as the Megrathron or the Raven makes it a desirable addition provided other slots have been filled. If the ship has been fitted well, additional heavy hitters are always welcome. The key to being included in PvE and PvP situations consistently is being a competent pilot and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of any given ship. Eve Online pilots who excel by using hit and run tactics will find the Mimnatar Titan well-suited to their play style, especially if they are the kind of player that likes their ship to be able to do a lot of damage and take a few hits while getting ready to make another attack on his opponents.


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