Guide to Piloting the Gallente Megathron Battleship in Eve Online

Guide to Piloting the Gallente Megathron Battleship in Eve Online
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Basic Piloting Tactics

The Megathron is one of the biggest battleships of the Gallente Federation. It can be used for multiple uses, including tanking and a

high-level gun boat. One of the most popular uses pilots find for this vessel is a sniper that lies in waits for the enemy. This takes the right amount of skill on the part of the pilot and the right weapons and equipment placed on the ship.

A pilot that wishes to use the Megathron to shoot at distant targets must find a suitable place to hide amongst the debris and make sue the range of the weapons on his ship is greater than that of weapons on the enemy ship. Should things get hairy, shield and hull upgrades will help the battleship stay in the fight until nearby threats are neutralized.

The Megathron battleship requires long range gun and turret tracking to be configured in this role. Because the ship is produced by the Gallente, it can make use of the Gallente Federation’s excellent drone offerings.

Suggested Skills for Pilots

A pilot should train his rookie skills long before he gets

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behind the controls of this powerful battleship. However, if he has not trained up his battleship skills several levels, he should seriously consider spending the credits before using the ship in any player versus player encounters. (Holding off on PvE encounters is not a terrible idea either.) Each level of the battleship skill that a pilot trains reduces the damage of each hit his ship takes by 5%.

Pilots should also carefully consider the necessary equipment for rigging out their battleships. This includes sensor boosters, and the effective Ogre II drone. Each laser should be equipped with tracking equipment. One recommended build for the Megathron can be found by clicking here.

Tanking, Sniping, and Overcoming the Battleship’s Weaknesses

The Megathrons primary weaknesses are a low number of turrets on each side and a low number of midpoints. Items and skills that


extend the range of the lasers, as well as boosted sensors compensate for many weaknesses of the Megathron and reduce the spots from which an opposing pilot can face the battleship without fear of retribution.

This ship can do a lot of damage, but with proper armor it can also survive a direct hit from one of the most damaging attacks available in the game. Not many other ships in the universe of Eve Online can make this claim. The trick to doing this is to use the low shots to trick out the Megathron ship’s hull with as much armor as possible. A few shields help this process, but they are not really needed. The Megathron battleship can easily take the heat with its combat oriented drones, lasers, and other weapons while doing serious damage to opposing forces.



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