EVE Online Help: Guide to Character Creation

EVE Online Help: Guide to Character Creation
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The EVE Online character creation process offers gamers so many choices that just creating a character can seem a daunting task. We’ve created this guide to help you sort through the multitudes of choices available and start exploring the vast universe of EVE Online as quickly as possible.

Log In to EVE Online

First thing’s first, fire up the EVE Online client and enter your username and password. If this is the first time you’ve played the game, you’ll be asked to first accept the user agreements, simply scroll to the bottom and press the “Accept” button to do so.

MMO veterans will likely notice the lack of a server selection screen. One of the most amazing features of EVE is the fact that all players exist on the same massive world server. There’s no need to coordinate servers or plan ahead in order to adventure with your friends, everyone will be cruising around the same space once they log in.

If you are on a free trial account, a handy reminder will pop up to let you know how much time remains on your trial.

Enjoy the introduction movie, or press the escape button to head straight to race selection.

EVE Online Character Creation

Look over the four race choices carefully, as each offers unique initial skills and biographical information. Characters are free to learn any skill they can acquire training in, however, so your choices are definitely not set in stone. Click on one of the races and hit the “Next” button to continue.

Bloodline and Gender Selection

Eve Online Screenshot

Next up is the Bloodline Selection screen. Each of the three bloodlines offers different combinations of attributes. Again, these can be changed later through training, but it’s best to have a basic idea of what kind of character you’d like to make, so you’re not forced to play catch up later on.

Certain attributes affect the amount of training time necessary to improve certain skills. Electronics and Engineering skills, for example, are affected by the Intelligence and Memory attributes. Players wishing to pursue skills in these areas would do well to choose a bloodline that grants a bonus to Intelligence and Memory. Choose a Bloodline and press “Next” to continue.

Next up is the gender selection screen. Gender influences neither attributes nor skills, so go with personal preference here.

Check out page 2 for information on Attribute, Ancestry, Career, and Character Appearance choices.

Attributes, Ancestry, and Career Selection

Eve Online Space Station

The next screen you’ll reach is the Attribute distribution screen. You are free to place points into any attribute you choose, but it would be wise to remember which Skills you wish to pursue and place points into their corresponding Attributes. Consult the information on the right hand of the screen to learn more about which Attributes affect which Skills. Once you’ve distributed all your points, press the “Next” button to continue.

Next is the Ancestry screen, where you can choose a family history that will grant certain bonuses to Attributes. Choose wisely, then press “Next” to continue.

The Career screen is next. Each career grants a different set of starting skills. Check out the options and choose the skill set that most appeals to you or fits the character type you have in mind.

Character Appearance and Name Selection

The Character Appearance screen is your next stop. Tweak the various appearance options until you have an avatar you’re satisfied with. Keep in mind that this avatar will only appear as a character portrait, and most of the time people will see your ship rather than your avatar, so this aspect of character creation is far less important than it is in most other MMOs.

Eve Online Character Appearance

On the next screen you will have the opportunity to review all your Attribute and Skill choices, as well as choose a name for your character. If you’re satisfied with your choices, type your desired name into the field below your character portrait and press “Check Availability.” If the name is available, the “Create Character” button will appear in the bottom right of the screen.

On the next screen simply press the “Enter Game” button and you’ll be taken straight into the excellent EVE Online tutorial.

The character creation process in EVE Online can seem long and incredibly confusing to a new player. I can only hope that this guide has helped ease your confusion somewhat and I hope you enjoy your new existence in the world of EVE.