Eve Online Trading Guide

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Eve Online Trading Guide

Trading is, without a doubt, the most profitable path to go down within Eve Online. But it is also the hardest. The most simple method to make money trading is as follows: buy low - sell high. This is easily done when you trade NPC goods such as Frozen Food, Antibiotics, Water etc, but due to the sheer simplicity of this you will make very little money from it. It is when you start trading the player-made items that things get interesting.

The markets within Eve Online are run using Buy Orders, and Sell Orders. Say you want to buy a shuttle but you only have 15k isk. You would place a buy order for that shuttle stating the price you are willing to pay. Then people can come along and fulfil that buy order by selling straight to it.

But say the person selling the shuttle thinks, “hold on, this item is worth more than this”, he can then create a sell order for say 17k isk. Now the buyer has a decision to make, does he fulfil the new sell order for 17k and get his new shuttle instantly or does he create a buy order and get the shuttle for cheaper, but having to wait for the order to be filled.

It is tactics such as these that can be used to make the real money with trading. Trading has numerous skills that can be learnt to help, and unlike the majority of skills within Eve Online, they have Charisma as the main attribute. This means that for a person whose skills usually revolve around combat, it will take them quite a while to learn the trading skills.

There are a few different types of trading;

Station Trading: This means you never leave the station, you use both buy and sell orders to make a profit.

Region Trading: This means buying an item in one region, and moving it to another one to sell.

There is no “best way” to trade, both have advantages and disadvantages and the best way to find out which type you prefer is to have a go!

There is one thing that a serious trader needs, patience. Before even opening the game it is up to you to do your research on the best items to make a profit with, this could take a lot of time. Also, unless you are in a trade hub such as Jita, your Buy Orders will take time to be filled. So to sum up; Trading can make you many billions of isk, but it is the hardest skill to master and relies more on your knowledge and abilities out of game than it does in-game!