Register for the Free EVE Online 14-Day Trial to Download and Play EVE Online for Free

Register for the Free EVE Online 14-Day Trial to Download and Play EVE Online for Free
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The world of EVE online is a massive one, filled with possibility and opportunity for players to explore, trade, and battle. Few MMOs can compare to the unprecedented amount of freedom offered by the world of EVE online. There are no set classes or ship loadouts, players are free to customize their character and ship however they see fit and then set out into the massive galaxy before them.

To truly appreciate the scope of EVE online, players should really experience it for themselves. Fortunately, with the free EVE online trial, any interested gamer can do exactly that, free of charge.

Register for the Free EVE Online Trial

The first step on the journey into the world of EVE is to head over to the EVE Online Free Trial Page. Fill in all the relevant information and press the “Confirm” button to continue.

Download the EVE Online Game Client

After pressing the “Confirm” button on the registration page, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. Double check that you’ve entered all the information correctly and when you’re ready, press the giant “Download EVE Online Now” button at the bottom of the page to begin the download.

Choose the correct version of the client based on your operating system and press the corresponding button. Doing so will redirect you to another page where you’ll be asked to once again confirm your operating system.

The next page offers you a choice between the original, classic graphics and the new and improved premium graphics. The premium graphics require a slightly faster processor, a minimum of 128 Megs of video memory, and more than twice as much hard drive space.

Most modern computers should have no problem with the premium requirements, so the major concern here is hard drive space. If you’re in a hurry to get into the game or have limited space available, you may want to go with the classic content. Everyone else would do well to check out the premium graphics, the extra time is well worth it.

Click the button below your choice and choose an easily-accessible save location.

Log in to EVE Online

Once the download finishes, open the installer and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. Once you’ve reached the last step, simply check the box next to “Run EVE Online,” scroll to the bottom of the user agreement to accept it, log in with the name and password you created on the registration page, and begin creating your first character.

You are now on your way to experiencing everything the world of EVE Online has to offer. I should warn you, it’s an addicting world to step into.