Eve Online Gallente Battleships Overview

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Eve Online Gallente Battleships Guide

There are many types of ship within Eve Online, and one of the most popular is the battleship. If flown correctly battleships can pack a very serious punch in many different scenarios!

The race that this article is concentrated on is the Gallente. Gallente have three normal battleships and one faction battleship, Dominix, Hyperion, Megathon, and the Navy Megathron. Firstly, we will focus on the Dominix:


Use of drones: The Dominix is one of the strongest drone boats in Eve Online.

Price: The Dominix is one of the cheapest ships with an average price of 50million isk.

Very versatile: The Dominix can be either shield tanked or armour tanked, both to great ability!


Looks: There is no denying it, it looks like a giant space-whale!

Turrets: For a gallente ship, its focus is on the drones so has very little turret ability.

Next we will have a look the Megathron and the Navy Megathron combined, since the Navy Megathron is simply an improved version of the normal one:


Hybrids: The Megathron is one of the strongest hybrid ships within Eve Online, and is commonly used with 425mm guns.

Looks: There is a reason this ship is nicknamed the “batmobile”


Range problems: Should an enemy ship get close to you, your guns will have serious problems tracking it.

Skills: To fly the Megathron well, it is very skill intensive and needs both high gunnery and mechanic skills to be effective.

And finally, the Hyperion, this ship is one of the best “blaster boats” of Eve Online:


Dps: The sheer damage of the blasters at close range can definitely make enemy ships think twice.

Range problems: In contrast to the Megathron, blasters have a very very limited range and will struggle to hit enemies that are at a long range.


Overall: It is regularly said that overall anything the Hyperion can do, the Megathron can do better!

In the end of the day, each ship will excel in some ways while being lackluster in others. So as I always say the best way for you to find out is to have a go yourself!