Introducting the Eve Online Titan Class Ships

Introducting the Eve Online Titan Class Ships
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What Makes the Titans Unique

Capital ships dwarf all other ships in Eve Online. Even among a class of ships noted for its large size, the Titans stand out among all the others. . Each of the four player character races has its own Titan class ship.

Titans are the class capable of supporting a class of weapons called Doomsday Devices. (No other class of ship has the necessary hard points.) The Eve Online page of the Strategy games wiki says that these weapons start at a base of 37,500 damage before any modifiers are added. CCP added the ultimate ship weapon in the Dominion Expansion.

Eve Online: Fitting Titan Class Ships

The Minmatar Ragnarok

The Minmatar Ragnarok – This ship has been covered here.

The Amarr Avatar – The Amarr Emire’s ship names often allude to religious figures. The Avatar may make a few mythos of its own.

The Caldari Leviatan – This Leviathan easily dwarfs any terrestrial whale, as do most capital ships. The Evelopedia calls it the pride of the Caldari Navy.

The Gallente Erebus – The Gallente Titan’s name comes from Greek mythology. Chaos gave birth to this Erebus. Chaos’s son was the personification of darkness and shadow. Pilots of this ship seek to send the enemies of freedom and darkness. The name also gets used for in later Greek mythology as the place of Eternal punishment.

Uses for Eve Online Titans

The Titans are the “artillery pieces” of the Eve Online universe. Their Doomsday Devices can take out most ships with a single shot. The Titans occupy the same role that battleships did in Earthbound navies prior to World War II.

Skills Necessary to Pilot the Titans

  • Capital Ships V
  • Advanced Spaceship Command V
  • Spaceship Command V

Secondary Skills

  • Amarr Titan I
  • Capital Ships V
  • Advanced Spaceship Command V
  • Spaceship Command V
  • Amarr Battleship V
  • Spaceship Command IV
  • Amarr Cruiser IV
  • Spaceship Command III
  • Amarr Frigate IV
  • Leadership IV

Tertiary Skills Required:

  • Navigation V
  • Warp Drive Operation V
  • Jump Drive Operation I
  • Navigation I
  • Science V

Piloting and Fitting Titan Class Ships: Fitting the Amarr Avatar

All Eve Online pilots must worry about how to fit their ships. Titans start with more hull points and shield points than most other ship types.

The first thing a pilot should do before fitting any other weapon is to put the Doomsday device it. The Amarr weapon, known as the Judgment,takes up most of these slots. The Avatar has 8 high slots, 5 middle slots, and 8 low slots. After the Judgment has been placed, any remaining slots should be taken up with turret based weapons, as the ship gives bonuses to these types.

The Caldari Leviathan

The Caldari Leviathan

The Evelopedia describes the Leviathan as the pride of the Caldari State Navy. The Leviathan sees more use in Player versus Player encounters than does the Caldari Navy Issue Raven. A pilot’s first concern should be mounting the Oblivion. All Titans support cloning vats, jump drives, and many other larger conveniences that help a player make his way through the universe.

The Leviathan offers damage and targeting bonuses to missile weapons. It has 8 high points, 8 medium points, and 8 low points. It also has 7 launcher hard points and no turret hard points. You’ll want missiles, things that boost missile damage and missile accuracy when fitting the ship. The Leviathan gives a bonus to the hull points of other fleet members.

The Gallente Erebus

The Gallente Erebus

The Erebus has a slightly higher capacity for drones than does many of its fellow Titans. A pilot should raise his drone skilsl to the highest possible levels to get the maximum usage out of this or any Gallente Federation ship.

The Erebus gives a bonus to hybrid turrets and it can mount the devastating anti-matter Aurora Dominae Doomsday device. The Gallente Titan gives bonuses to the shields of other fleet members.

The Erebus comes with 7 low slot, 8 high slots, and 6 medium slots. It also comes with six turret hard points and 3 upgrade hard points. Be sure to give the Erebus a lot of extra drones. it the space for them.


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