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Dante's Inferno Walkthrough - The Final Battles

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this Dante's Inferno walkthrough, continue through the final stages of the game, from Hypocrites to the final boss battle with Lucifer.

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    Dante’s Inferno Walkthrough - Hypocrites

    Dante's Inferno game boxshot At this point in the game, you should have just survived the Politician section and completed a challenge round where you needed to protect some innocent humans from harm. If not, review Dante’s Inferno Walkthrough – Continuing through the Abominable Sands.

    Open the door nearby the saving point. You will need to get across a ledge to another platform. Ahead is a jumping point that opens and closes. Time your jump carefully to swing to this point when it is open.

    Once across, a challenge round begins. The task is to kill all enemies without using any magic. Use the scythe and Holy Cross to defeat them. Towards the end of the fight a large beast will appear. When you have damaged him enough, an Xbox button control sequence will appear. Follow this exactly and you will be thrown up into the air. Press the RT button to jump and land on a rope crossway. Climb across and land on a platform. Save your game at the Beatrice statue. Use the mana and health fountain if needed.

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    Open the door near the Beatrice statue. This time there are a few moving platforms. Carefully time your jumps to get across. Another challenge round begins. You will need to kill all enemies in a minute before you lose all of your health. Use any attack strategy you like to quickly kill these guys. When done, the wall falls in the back of the room. Go back there to reach an elevator. Quickly climb down the left side wall. The elevator will begin to fall shortly. Keep climbing quickly down this wall (use RT to drop down faster) until you get to the bottom. Save your game at the Beatrice statue.

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    Evil Councilors

    Dante's Inferno screenshot Open the door located by the Beatrice statue. Just ahead is a fire barrier blocking your path to the platform you need to reach. Jump on the moving platform in front of you. When you reach the barrier, jump just before the platform completely slides underneath the fire barrier. Land on the moving platform again as it reappears on the other side of the fire barrier. Jump again to reach the other side.

    In this challenge round you will need to defeat enemies without blocking. Use attacks with Holy Cross and magic to avoid taking too much damage. When successful, go towards the back of the room. Climb down a rope vine at the edge and then jump to a rope crossway. Climb all the way across and carefully jump down to grab onto the wall on the right. Climb across this wall to reach a platform. Save your game at the Beatrice statue.

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    Sowers of Discord

    Open the door nearby. At this point in the Dante’s Inferno walkthrough you should see a row of flames that blocks your path to the next platform. Jump on the small platform in front of you and then carefully time your jump over the flames. Once there, pull the lever to turn the platform. Quickly jump over some more flames and reach the other side.

    In this challenge round you will need to kill all enemies without resetting the hit counter. The Holy Cross is effective for this task. Once done, the wall falls. Go to the elevator and pull the lever to reach the lower level. Absolve or punish the lost soul you see there. Save your game at the Beatrice statue.

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    Open the door near the Beatrice statue. In this area there are moving platforms and fire barriers. Take your time jumping across since Dante can take a lot of damage.

    In this next challenge, you will need to kill all enemies in 5 minutes or less. Expect to see every type of demon and hell’s minion you have encountered throughout the game. Use any and every attack strategy available to you for survival. When you succeed, walk to the back of the room for an encounter with Beatrice. Dante offers the Beatrice Cross to release her soul and condemn himself to hell. Beatrice soul is freed – an angel appears. Is it over?

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    Dante's inferno screenshot Walk around the corner and talk to Virgil. Use the health and mana fountain. Absolve or punish a lost soul located there. Save your game at the Beatrice statue.

    Climb down two vine ropes nearby to reach a rope crossway. In the distance is a giant demon that blows an icy breath. Cross the rope to reach a platform. There you will fight some flying creatures and demons. Be careful about the large demon’s breath that can blow you off of the platform. When he is about to do this, move closer to the demon and jump up to avoid the breath.

    Once the area is clear, jump at the point on the right side of the platform. From here you will need to jump across two more ropes. Ahead is a barrier you can clear with the scythe. Carefully jump to the vine rope ahead. From here there are more ropes to cross. Watch out for the demon blowing icy breath in your path. Jump across until you can reach an area where you can walk on.

    At this point in the Dante’s Inferno walk through you should be near where Virgil is located. Talk to him. From here is an extremely icy pathway that is breakable. Make your way across carefully. Ice pieces will crack and fall through as you walk on them. Watch the path closely. When you reach the end of this path, break the barrier ahead.

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    The Battle with Lucifer

    Dantes Inferno - Final battle with Lucifer Dante will then drop down to another area. You now encounter Lucifer. After some dialog the battle begins.

    To defeat Lucifer, there are three phases to complete. The first one, you will fight a gigantic looking Lucifer that has some stunning attacks with his breath. Stun him by using the Holy Cross at his forehead. Then attack the center of his chest. After enough damage has been done, a brief dialog commences. After this Lucifer emerges from the chest of the gigantic version of himself.

    In this phase of the battle, Lucifer will use different types of fire attacks to damage Dante. He is also able to move quickly back and forth to different areas of the platform. Use whatever methods you like to cause damage. However, Lucifer is able to block Holy Cross on occasion so be careful. Lucifer will also move up into the air for short amounts of time in this phase. When Lucifer’s health bar is almost completely depleted, the final phase of the battle begins.

    This time several jump points will be located around the platform. Lucifer himself is high above with a deadly flame beneath him. You will need to use the jump point to get close enough to Lucifer to grab him. Start with the jump point on the right. Press RB. As soon as you connect to this platform immediately press RB again. Repeat this process until you get to the center. Once you press RB to grab onto Lucifer, watch out for an animated sequence of Xbox buttons. Follow this exactly or you will need to jump back up to Lucifer again.

    Once you have damaged Lucifer enough the battle ends. A dialog follows. Lucifer tells Dante he cannot go back into the real world because he is already dead. Dante uses all of the souls he has freed to absolve himself from hell. But is he? In the end it seems like he is free, since he encounters Beatrice in spirit form. However, Dante is not in heaven. He is in purgatory. To be continued in a future game… Congratulations, you have beaten the Dante’s Inferno game!

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    Screenshots used for the Dante’s Inferno walk through article were created by Sheila Robinson.