The Journey through the Deadly Sin of Gluttony - Dante's Inferno Walkthrough - Spoiler Details and Item Locations

The Journey through the Deadly Sin of Gluttony - Dante's Inferno Walkthrough - Spoiler Details and Item Locations
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Dante’s Inferno Walkthrough – Gluttony

At this point in the game you will have just defeated the Cerberus boss. After you have crossed over the gray rocks you will encounter some giant worms. These guys pop up from the ground. Kill them off and grab the Judas coin, health and mana at the nearby fountains. In the center of this area is a climb point. Go down the rope to reach a bunch of worms and hell’s minions at the bottom. Deal with these guys then walk down the pathway to find another lost soul. Absolve or punish him as you see fit and get the bonus souls. Behind him are a soul fountain and a Beatrice statue. Save your game.

Moving forward you will see a mouth looking area. Jump over the teeth to reach another platform. Fight off some flying creatures and move to the right to climb across a small horizontal rope that leads to another mouth looking structure. Go inside and talk to Virgil. You now have a new relic called Ciacco’s Bile, which gives persistent mana regeneration (at Holy Level 5). Beyond this walk forward to run into some more worms, black demons and hell’s minions. Kill them off and pick up the mana fountain to the left.

The Mirrors

Dante’s Inferno game screenshot

If you have reached this point in the Dante’s Inferno walkthrough, you will see a doorway that looks like a mirror. Before you go through it grab the mana and health fountains that are located next to it.

A brief animation appears. Another encounter with Lucifer! More memories of Dante’s past are displayed, including the slaughter of his wife Beatrice. After this is over you will need to fight a glutton monster. This guy loves to do body slam attacks. Kill him off by using the Holy Cross and scythe attacks. When this is completed you are taken to another area where there are several mirror like doorways in multiple directions.

Go through the first doorway straight ahead. It will move you to an upper level. Pull the lever there and it will turn the doorway at the bottom to the left. Go back through the door again and pull the lever you now have access to. This will drop down a large reddish platform that will temporarily sit in the level above. Quickly go through the doorway again and move down this platform and quickly jump down to the area below where there is another lever and a soul fountain. Pull this lever to turn another doorway above so it is facing downward. Wait until a floating platform appears and moves just under this doorway. Quickly move through the doorway near you and drop onto this floating platform. Ride this platform through an exit area where you can get off of it. Walk around the corner to a Beatrice statue and soul fountain. Save your game.

Dante’s Inferno Walk Through - Descent into Greed

Dante’s Inferno screenshot

From the saving point, climb down the rope located next to it. Watch out for fire and then jump down to a swinging rope. Swing to another rope on the left then move down. More fire. Carefully jump to a horizontal rope you can move across. Move quickly as more fire traps will appear as you cross. At the end of this, jump down to reach another rope below. Take this rope down to a platform you can walk on. To your left you will see a few fire traps that burst into flame every few seconds. Get past this by gripping on to the odd shaped block and pushing it across the flames. This will temporarily put out the fires. Now, go back up the rope to swing and jump onto a platform on the left side. From here you will need to break another barrier. Chop at it with your scythe or use the Holy Cross. From here go down the rope and watch out for more fire traps. Continue to work your way down to the area below.

Walk around the pathway until you can go up a small ledge. Pick up the mana and health fountains. Keep going and a brief animation sequence begins with a demon version of Dante’s father.


Dante’s Inferno screenshot

After the animation sequence, talk to Virgil who is located nearby. Beyond him are moving platforms. Carefully maneuver your way through to another area on top. Move across this to another platform that goes to the left. Jump up again to get to another area.

Now you should be on a large circular platform area with a lever. Pull the lever to cause lava to pour below. This will bring black demons, fire and flying creatures that you will need to fight. Wipe them out. A good strategy against the fire creatures is to first use the Holy Cross to put the flames (that cause damage) and then attack them with the scythe. When all enemies are gone, pull the lever again to go across the open pathway to reach a Beatrice statue and soul fountain. Save your game.

Worldly Splendors

Just ahead past the saving point are spinning wheels you will need to cross. Jump up to the wheels on the right and then jump across to the left to reach a mana and health fountain. Also in this location is another lost soul located on a small ledge above on the right. She is difficult to get to. Past the fountains is a door. Open it and walk through.

Fight two headed enemies that spin and some more hell’s minions. Kill the spinning guys first. Attack them as quickly as you can before they start spinning. The spinning actions can do a lot of damage. Once all enemies are defeated pull the lever in the center of the room. This will cause the walls on the sides to fall, which opens up a small ledge that has a Judas coin and another lever. Quickly pull the lever and jump down to pull another lever. Go back up to the other lever’s ledge and jump onto a platform that is moving up. Once there go to the left and pull another lever that takes you to a new area. If you have reached this point in the Dante’s Inferno walk through, take a breath and pat yourself on the back for surviving this far. Continue with part 5 of this walkthrough series to continue further.

Screenshot images for the Dante’s Inferno walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.

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