Guide to Dante's Inferno: Heresy, Violence and the River of Blood

Guide to Dante's Inferno: Heresy, Violence and the River of Blood
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Completing Heresy

At this point in the game, you should have travelled through some areas of Heresy and survived a couple of fiery traps. If not, review Continuing through Anger which includes discussion of the beginning of the Heresy section.

From your saving point open the door straight ahead. Climb the wall on the left and move across to another area. Nearby are a health and two soul fountains. From here drop down the fine rope to reach Frederick’s Ring relic and a Judas coin. Climb back up the rope to move across a platform to the edge. At this point the ground below and above will start breaking up. You will need to quickly jump across a few platforms. After the third platform, you will need to be extra careful. The area really starts falling apart. As soon as you jump on the next platform, you will immediately need to press the RB button. If you don’t see this icon displayed on your screen, you took too long to jump and the platform will simply fall into the abyss. Note: This area may take you a few tries to get the right timing. If you successfully pressed the RB button in time you will spring upwards to the next platform. Keep moving. At the end of this area you will need to reach a wall. Jump onto it and climb up to reach a ledge. Walk along the pathway to reach Virgil. Talk to him and save your game at the Beatrice statue.


Dante’s inferno screenshot

Behind the saving point is a vine rope. Climb down to get to a rope crossway (A). Move across this rope until you see another rope you can jump down to. Climb all the way across this second rope to reach a lost soul that you can absolve or punish, along with a Judas coin and Nessus relic. Go back on this rope. Cross back over until you see another rope below. Carefully jump to this third rope. Make your way across. At the end of this rope you will need to jump (A) and then press (RB) to swing across to another rope crossway. From here move across to your left to reach a rope that swings. Climb down this rope to a small ledge. To your right is a barrier you will need to get past. On the ground you will see a small stone you can break. Do so and it will reveal a lever you can turn. Turning this lever causes a large demon statue with an axe to slam his axe against the wall above. Turn the lever a couple of times until the demon statue’s axe does enough damage to cause the barrier ahead to break. Quickly get back on the rope to swing and press RB to catch another swing point. Swing from here to jump down to another vine rope. Climb down to reach the bottom. Jump off to the ground.

The River of Boiling Blood

By this time you will see Virgil down the pathway. Talk to him. Beyond him are health and mana fountains. Jump up on a small ledge. Fight with a flying demon. Kill him. Jump onto the circle shaped stone ahead. Next, jump on the vine rope to your left side (it blends in a little bit). At the top of this ledge is an area that will light on fire every few seconds. Time and walk carefully through this. Fight another flying demon while watching out for fire. Move to a jumping point on the left. It will take you flying to another platform with two more flying demons. Wipe them out and grab the health fountain nearby. Get out of there by going down a rope vine on the left side. Climb down to the bottom. At this point you will need to get past a few floating platforms ahead. Watch out! They sink into the boiling blood river. Time each jump carefully to get across to a solid platform. Virgil is there. After some dialog completes, go talk to Virgil directly.

Wood of the Suicides

Dante’s Inferno screenshot

Nearby Virgil is a Beatrice statue. Save your game. Beyond this are deadly tree looking traps that drop fire and do a lot of damage. Carefully navigate your way through. Stop them by chopping at the section of the trunk that has a red spot. As you move forward, the way to go back becomes blocked. There are more of these traps as you move along. Grab the soul fountain nearby. As you go down the path magic using demons and flying creatures appear. Kill them off. Collect the mana fountain. You will then run into another lost soul that you can absolve or punish for bonus souls. Past him is another soul, health and mana fountain. There is also a box on the left side. Ahead is a Beatrice statue. However, it is on top of a slippery hill. Pull the box to this hill and push it upwards. Quickly jump on the box and then on top of the ledge. Save your game.

Moving forward you will reach another area that becomes blocked. Dangerous fire fruits from above can cause you to commit suicide if the fire touches you. To get past it, jump up to chop at the bulbs as they start to move down from above. This will cause them to move back up temporarily. At this time other enemies will appear. Kill them off while watching out for the fire fruits above. Once you clear this up, you will see Dante’s mother.

Unknown to Dante, she committed suicide. After a dialog with her, Dante absolves her and obtains a new magic spell called Suicide fruit. Fight some more enemies and the barrier will clear. Move forward to climb up to the top of a ledge. Walk over and talk to Virgil. A Beatrice statue and a health fountain are nearby. Save your game.

Abominable Sands

Dante’s Inferno game screenshot

Next you’ll find a mana and soul fountain on the side of the pathway. Watch out for fire creatures. When you reach a couple of large stone blocks, jump up to reach a Judas coin and lost soul you can absolve or punish. Keep going to reach another mana and health fountain. A brief animation appears. After this fight some damned soldiers to get past a barrier.

By this point in this Dante’s Inferno walk through more flying creatures will appear. Kill them off. You will reach a ledge that is next to a large pool of lava fire. Jump onto the nearby platform, then again to get across to another area where you see a soul fountain. Carefully jump on this ledge to your right. Fight off flying creatures and then grab another soul fountain. To your left is another ledge. Jump carefully across to get the Memory of Acre relic. Now jump to the platform ahead of you.

On solid ground now you can move forward to reach another soul fountain. Straight ahead is a lever you can turn. This pushes a large rolling platform on a track. When you turn it, enemies will attack and continuously spawn after killing them. Move the platform to the back of the area and then quickly climb up a couple of small ledges on the left side to go on top of it. Go across to another area where there is a health fountain. Walk around to another wall. Climb up and around until you get to a point where you can climb back down to the ground. From here, walk on the path to reach a Beatrice statue. Save your game. Congrats! You’ve navigated your way through heresy, violence and suicide. What comes next?

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