Finishing the Greed Section- Dante's Inferno Walkthrough - Details and Spoiler Information - The Beast and Dante's Father Boss Battle

Finishing the Greed Section- Dante's Inferno Walkthrough - Details and Spoiler Information - The Beast and Dante's Father Boss Battle
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Dante’s Inferno Walkthrough - Controlling a Beast

At this point in the game, you should have just past a series of spiky traps, obtained the Wasted Gold relic and absolve or punished a lost soul next to a saving point in the Greed section. If not, review the Dante’s Inferno walkthrough – part 5.

From the save point, open the door just ahead. Pull the lever on the right hand side to move a small platform down. Once there, pull another lever you see on the left to raise the platform that is located ahead of you. As you walk towards the platform, you will have a battle with a large beast and some other hell’s minions. Damage him enough so he will become stunned and you can take control of him. The RT button icon will appear. When the button is pressed you will jump to the top of the beast. Now that you are in control of him, wipe out the remaining hell’s minions with the beast’s attack actions. When the area is clear walk the beast to the back of the area to push a large block (RB). Once a path is revealed, walk through to climb up a wall. Climb across to the left to reach another area where you can climb down. Use the beast to kill off enemies that will appear. Note: The fire and arm slam attacks work really well. After this look for a block that will be located on the left. Pull it to the right side of the room where you see a square outline on the ground. Once placed there, a statue in the middle will move down. Go back to the wall where you came into the room. Climb back up and through the area that is no longer being blocked by the statue. Keep going until you get to an area where you can climb down. From here you will fight some more enemies. Wipe them out.

Dante’s Father - Boss Battle

At this point in the Dante’s Inferno walkthrough, you will now have an encounter with Dante’s father. This is a fairly easy fight. Avoid his attacks. Use the Holy Cross to stun him from a distance and then use scythe attacks for more damage. Once you kill him you will receive the Sins of the Father magic pendant. This can help protect Dante from taking too much damage. You will also get the Eye of Alighiero relic.

At the back of this room is another door, a healing fountain and a Beatrice statue. Save your game.

Finishing the Greed Section

Dantes Inferno screenshot

Open the door near the saving point. Walk to a circular platform and pull the lever. This causes the platform to move forward. Watch out for flying creatures that will attack. When the platform stops, walk off of it to fight some more hell’s minions and spinning guys. Pick up the mana and soul fountain. Go back to the platform and pull the lever again. This time it will take you to a lower level. Walk down the pathway to reach a climbing point. Climb down (RB) the vine rope to the bottom. Jump across to a swinging rope. Swing across to another vine rope. Climb down. Watch out for fire blasts. At the bottom of the rope, jump down to another swinging rope. Swing and chop through a barrier to reach another vine rope to climb down.

Dante’s Inferno Walk through – Anger

Dantes inferno screenshot

Once you reach the bottom, talk to Virgil. Walk behind him to reach a deadly black pond. Carefully jump across to cross a horizontal rope to reach a Beatrice statue. Save your game. , Jump across a couple of platforms on your right. At this point you are trapped and will need to fight off a slew of demons, fire creatures and giant worms. Kill them off. The path is no longer blocked. In the large pond are jump onto a stone platform. See the jumping point in the distance? Quickly jump and press RB to get across to another small ledge. Jump again quickly to the ledge above it.

On this ledge it appears to be a dead end. Pull the wooden box to the right side so you can jump up and collect a Judas coin. Now pull the box onto the ledge where you came up. Jump on top of the box. The ledge will move down to another area. When you can, jump off to the platform you will see ahead. Walk down the pathway to talk to Virgil. You will now have the Medusa’s Call relic. Behind Virgil is a soul and mana fountain. Climb up the wall nearby and go across to another area.

Another battle with demons! Wipe them out. Once done, go to the lost soul located on the right side. Absolve or punish him as you see fit for bonus souls. Move back to the path ahead. Walk down it to reach an area with a rope crossing and health fountain. Climb all the way across this rope to reach a Beatrice statue and mana fountain. Save game. Jump back on the rope and move back to the middle. Jump down to the circular platform below. Fight off a couple demons and then jump up to the ledge nearby. Pick up the Judas coin.

Fire Trap Puzzle

Move down the pathway to an area with a cracked wall. Continue to your right and watch out for a gap on the ground. At the end of the pathway, you will need to climb up a wall to reach a ledge. There is a Beatrice statue and health/mana fountain. Save your game. Keep going past where you found the fountains to another pathway. A short animation sequence begins. After this keep going until you reach a lever. To the right of this is a poor soul you can absolve or punish for bonus souls. Turn the lever and jump up to the ledge above. Quickly pull the lever you see there. The platform moves up and fire creatures appear. Get rid of them fast and pull the lever again before fire reaches the platform. You will need to do this for a couple of levels. Some of the levels will have small barriers that block the lever’s path. Chop through them quickly with a scythe. Once you reach the top, go to the left and quickly climb up the wall to reach the ledge. Pull another lever. A short animation sequence appears and more ledges appear. Climb down to talk to Virgil. Climb back up the ledge and go to the right for a Judas coin. Above this is a relic – Guiding Flame. When you are done with this, go back down the ledge to reach a climbing point in the center of this area. Climb down the vine ropes to the bottom. Save your game at the Beatrice statue. To the left of this is another lost soul you can absolve or punish for bonus souls. This ends part 6 of the Dante’s Inferno walk through.

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