Greed, Traps and More - The Dante's Inferno Walkthrough for the Xbox 360 Continues

Greed, Traps and More - The Dante's Inferno Walkthrough for the Xbox 360 Continues
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Dante’s Inferno Walkthrough – Spiky Traps

By this point you have explored a lot of the Greed section of the game. If not, review part 4 of the Dante’s Inferno walkthrough. Starting from your save spot you will now see an enemy that has deer looking antlers on his head that goes through a door in the distance and closes it.

This area is full of traps. To get past this room you will need to get past a couple of spiky triangle shaped turnstile objects. For the first spike, try to avoid it by hanging on the side wall until it goes past you. Note: If you fall to the bottom, you will need to fight some flying creatures and spinning guys. There is also a soul fountain and Judas coin there. Quickly run and jump across to the next small platform. Once past this first spike, quickly jump over to the next one. Jump up to avoid the spike and jump over to the third ledge. On this third ledge to your left is a door. Quickly open it while avoiding the spike.

Past the door pull the lever you find nearby. This opens a center area in the trap room you just left. Open another door to get access to a Beatrice statue, mana and health fountains. Save your game.

More Traps!

Dantes Inferno game screenshot

At this point in this Dante’s Inferno walkthrough, go past the save point you will see another antler guy go through another door. There is a turnstile in the center of this room. Turn it to reveal another trap. A small gate to the right temporarily opens and then slams shut. You will need to fight some black demons while avoiding moving circular saw traps that try to cut you up. Clear these guys up quickly as you cannot stay in this room too long before the whole room collapses on you. Pull the lever again and quickly dodge your way through the gate to the other side.

You will not get a break yet! There are more hell’s minions and a large beast to fight. Defeat the hell’s minions and damage the beast enough so you can take control of him. Wipe out any remaining hell’s minions that may appear and use the beast to open up the next door. Once you get through this watch out for another trap and go through another doorway. Down the hall is Virgil. Talk to him. Behind him is a wall. Climb up to a ledge and look around for a jumping point that will be located across from you. Quickly move across this and jump down to a platform.

Screenshot images for this Dante’s Inferno walkthrough were created by Sheila Robinson.

The Moving Platform

Dante’s Inferno screenshot

At this point you will encounter a larger armored black demon. Do what you need to do then collect the health and Judas coin fountains along the pathway. Next you will see a lever. Pulling it drops down a wall where you fought the armored demon. Another fight begins, this time with flying creatures and spinning guys. Once done with these guys the platform will start moving towards another area. At one point, the platform will turn on its side, while another one across from you will also start tilting. Be careful. Time your jump to move to the platform across from you. Otherwise you will fall into the abyss.

More enemies will now start attacking you while on this platform. Fight them off and the platform will finally come to a stop. Jump down to a platform below. To your left is a health fountain. On the right is a mana fountain. In the middle there is another small platform. Jump up to pull a turnstile. This turnstile will blast fire, revealing another turnstile. Go back towards it. More enemies will attack. Wipe them out and use the second turnstile. This will turn the platform in the center of the room. Go back up to the original turnstile that blasted fire and pull it again to the right. This will damage another area in the room and moves a large stone block into view. Jump on the block and go to a ledge where you will find a Judas coin and soul fountain. Go back to the turnstile again but this time move it to the left. It will reveal another stone block that you can climb on. Go back and climb up this stone to a ledge on the left. Here you will find a Beatrice statue. Save your game.

Plutus God of Wealth

Dante’s Inferno game screenshot

Just past the saving point, grab the soul fountain nearby. You will also see a lever on a circular platform. Pull it and the platform will move down. Once it stops get off and walk down the pathway to talk to Virgil. From here jump across a small gap to a large room.

There is lots of spinning guys and hell’s minions here to fight. Clear them up and find a square platform that appears in the middle of the room. A turnstile is located at the room’s edge. Pull it around and other platforms will appear. However, they will disappear shortly after they appear. You will need to line up two platforms so you can reach a ledge on top of the statue. Jump quickly. Once on top, there is a Beatrice statue. Save your game and grab the soul fountain. Open the door nearby see a health fountain across a gap. Jump and cross a horizontal rope to the other side. Drop down to the ground and talk to Virgil. A new relic is discovered – Wasted Gold. Collect the soul fountain.

Go to the end of the ledge on the left. Jump (RB) to swing across the wall. Climb up to the top. More enemies to fight! Kill them and go out to an open passage on the far right. You will need to jump and climb over some turning platforms and avoid spikes to get through this area. Press RB to swing across to these platforms. Watch out for flying creatures as you make your way up. Carefully dodge stone blocks and move left to jump on a platform. Open the door located there.

From here, climb up a wall and move across to the left to a point where you can climb back down. At this location is a Beatrice statue. Save your game. To the left is a mana, health and a poor soul you can absolve or punish. At this point you have reached the end of this section of the Dante’s Inferno walk through.

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