The Deadly Sin of Lust Section - Dante's Inferno Walkthrough for Xbox 360

The Deadly Sin of Lust Section - Dante's Inferno Walkthrough for Xbox 360
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Dante’s Inferno Walkthrough – Lust

At this point in the game you have recently defeated the Judge of the Dead and survived an obstacle course full of ropes to climb, swing and jump across. From the saving point, you will walk down a pathway to reach an area where you will see an exit point that quickly fades in and out in the distance. Balls of electricity will move across this path which can cause Dante some damage. To get past this you will need to use two levers. Both are located on the left side. When either of them is pulled, it will point the electricity in a particular direction. This requires a bit of timing. Watch how the electricity moves, and pull the appropriate lever to get the electricity to move all the way towards where you see the exit point. This will cause the exit to appear temporarily. You will need to get across it quickly before it fades or you will need to open the exit portal again.

Once through, you will be in an area where you have an encounter with three ladies that use odd looking appendages with their attacks. Defeat them. Nearby on the right is a health fountain. In the center of the room is a large snake head. Pull the lever on the left side of the room to open it. Quickly chop through the snake fangs to break them off of the head before it closes. Pull the lever again and this time it will stay open. Climb up the tongue to another platform where you can talk to Virgil. At this point you will get the Tristan’s Desire relic. You can save your game at the Beatrice statue located on the left side of the pathway. There is also a lever here, but don’t pull it yet. A mana fountain is on a small ledge on the left side of the pathway nearby. You can also get a health fountain on another ledge on the right.

In the middle is a large circular platform. Jump on top of it. Pull the statue that is located towards the back of the room. Bring it close to the center of this platform. Go back to the lever on the left near the Beatrice statue. Pull it, and it will prevent the platform in the center from closing completely. Jump on the platform and go to the right side to jump onto a small ledge. There is a soul fountain and another lever located here. Pull it and go back to the left side to reach another ledge with a Judas coin and lever. Pull this lever and quickly jump back on top of the center platform. It will move up and take you to another area.

Lust Boss Fight - Demons, Unblessed Infants and Women with Appendages

Dante’s Inferno screenshot

At this point in the Dante’s Inferno walkthrough Lust attacks you by sending a variety of hell’s demons, women with appendages and unblessed infants at you. Fight off the attacking enemies. Cause damage to Lust by first causing her hand to be removed from the platform. Do this by direct attack or magic. Then go up to the ledge on the left or right side to pull a lever that causes fire damage. Keep fending off enemies and repeat the above actions and pull the lever on the opposite side.

Once she is defeated (for now) go up to a small platform on the right to reach a soul fountain. Climb down the rope next to it to reach another lost soul. Absolve or punish him to earn bonus souls. Go back up the rope to the platform. Now go to the pathway on the left side. Pick up a mana and health fountain and climb down the wall until you can cross over. Watch out for purple electricity that can cause damage. Move across this area until you can climb up another ledge. A Beatrice statue is located here. Save your game.

Move towards your right to find a lost soul. Absolve or punish her as you see fit and get the bonus souls. Continue up the path and you will encounter Lucifer and Beatrice’s spirit.

Dante’s Inferno Walk through - Antony Boss Fight

Dante’s Inferno screenshot

Just past the dialog with Lucifer is another encounter with Lust. This time she sends her love Antony to attack you. Antony is a tough fighter that can cause a lot of damage if you are not careful. Attack him with the Holy Cross and scythe attacks. Dodge his magic attacks that cause knives to appear from the ground. Also keep an eye out for Lust. She will try to heal Antony every once in a while. Stop her by attacking her hand that is laying on the platform edge. Once Antony is defeated, you will get the Antony Standard relic. Lust will try one last attempt to kill you. An animated sequence appears. Follow the Xbox 360 control actions to finally kill her. You will then receive the Lust Storm magic ability.

The End of the Lust Section

Dante’s Inferno screenshot

After the defeat of Lust, the platform you are standing on will move down. More black demons and hell’s minions will fight you along the way. Once you reach a certain point, the platform will begin to break up into pieces. Jump carefully to avoid falling into the abyss. When the platform reaches the bottom you will need to jump again quickly and press the RB button to swing across a couple of electrical traps. Get past these to reach another ledge. At this point you can talk to Virgil.

Now move down the path to your left. Climb down to the ropes, while watching out for fire traps. Chop through a barrier by using your scythe or Holy Cross. Watch out for more fire and quickly jump to a couple more ropes. After the second rope climb down to a rope that goes in a horizontal direction. Move across this quickly to avoid fire and drop down to the platform below it. At this point you will see a mana and health fountain. Use them if needed. Save your game at the Beatrice statue nearby.

Descent into Gluttony – Cerberus Boss Fight

Beyond your last saving point is another vine rope to climb down. At the bottom you will have a boss fight with the three headed Cerberus. This battle can be a bit tricky. Cerberus will spit stuff at you which can cause damage. Moving close for too long also can cause damage. To defeat him you will need to eliminate each head one at a time. Do this by dodging in closer to one of the heads (on the left or right side) and moving back. This will cause one of the Cerberus heads to slam itself on the ground, which temporarily stuns him. At this point attack the head until it starts to move back. Repeat this process until an animated sequence appears. Follow the Xbox 360 control actions to sever off the head. Continue this strategy with the head on the opposite side. Once the two side heads are gone you can concentrate on the center head. This one attacks a bit faster, but the attack strategy is the same. Once you have defeated Cerberus you will find a new relic – Azrael’s Apprentice. Climb over the gray rock where Cerberus was sitting on to move to another area. Jump over some ledges and you will now officially enter the Gluttony section of the game. This concludes part 3 of the Dante’s Inferno walk through.

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