Dante's Inferno Walkthrough Part 1: The Beginning of a Journey through Hell

Dante's Inferno Walkthrough Part 1: The Beginning of a Journey through Hell
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At the beginning of the game, you learn a bit about Dante’s story through a brief animation. Shortly after that you are thrown into a quick battle with a group of enemies. For quick attacks use the X button on your Xbox 360. The stronger (but slower) attack is put into action by pressing the Y button.

After this you will see a ship that is burning away. Jump over the small wall (A button), then jump on top of the ledge to the left. Walk down the hallway and another animation sequence will appear. The Grim Reaper tells Dante that he is cursed and will need to be taken to hell. At this point you will need to fight the Grim Reaper in your first boss battle. Evade (RS) and block to avoid attacks. Attack him. When he is low in life another animation starts. Follow the Xbox 360 button sequence that follows to finish him off. Once he is dead, you obtain his scythe weapon.

More animation appears. Dante goes home only to find his wife Beatrice dead. She has been taken to hell as a result of a promise made to the devil. Dante betrayed her trust by having affairs with slave girls. The devil is keeping Beatrice in hell forever unless Dante can redeem himself for his sins.

Dante now encounters skeletons in a graveyard that is blocked by a fire barrier. Kill them off using the scythe weapon. Once the barrier clears, go straight through it. Walk up a path to reach a large stone building. Save your game at the Beatrice Statue nearby (RB). There is also a green fountain you can use to restore your health.

Inside the Stone Building

Dantes Inferno screenshot

Open the door next to the Beatrice Stature. A brief dialog with the spirit of Beatrice begins. She is upset and asks you why you broke your promise to her. Shortly after this, the stone building begins to break up into pieces. You now have Beatrice’s Holy Cross attack. This is used by pressing the B button on your controller. It is a good tool to use for flying creatures and any other enemies you will encounter.

Move away from the edge. More undead creatures and some flying creatures will appear. Kill them quickly, while watching out for sections of the ground that are breaking up. When you dispense with them a large wooden cross will drop. Quickly go across it to the other side. Pick up health at the nearby fountain (if needed). To your left is a point where you need to cross. These areas will always be identified by a small yellow ball icon. Cross at this point. To climb a pole or rope use LS and press A to jump.

At this point in the Dante’s Inferno walkthrough you will need to fight some of hell’s minions in order to get past a locked gate to your right. You will need to do this quickly as a large barrel looking object will start rolling towards you along the pathway. Once the gate is open, move forward a bit until you can drop down to another ledge. Continue going right until you encounter some fire creatures that are in front of another fire barrier. An effective tactic against the fire creatures is the Holy Cross. This will put out their fire and you can attack them safely with your scythe without getting burnt.

Going forward you will encounter some more hell’s minions. Watch out for fire walls that appear and disappear. Once you get past this, grab the health and soul fountains that are located nearby. Around the corner is a Beatrice Statue. Save the game.

First Encounter with Virgil

Dante’s Inferno screenshot

After you save your game, go down the large vine rope located nearby. Jump off at the bottom (A). Here you will have your first encounter with Virgil, a spirit that is there to help guide you through the way out of hell. You find out that Dante must absolve his spirit from the evil that has befallen him as a result of using the Grim Reaper’s scythe.

You will now have access to Righteous Path, a magic ability that can be used as a holy attack against enemies. To use it, hold down the LB button and press B, Y, X or A (which ever button you assigned it to) with your Xbox 360 controller. Use the mana and health fountain nearby.

Next, you will fight some more hell’s minions and flying creatures. Once you wipe them out, a large beast appears. He can stomp with his foot and pound the ground with his arms. Do what you can to damage him. When he has been damaged enough you can gain control over him.

To attack with the beast, press X to pound his fists, press Y to stomp and press B to breathe fire. Fight some hell’s minions using the beast to attack. Once done, go toward the door and have the beast open it. Dante will then drop down…..


Dante’s Inferno screenshot

At this point in the walk through, you have entered deeper into the realms of hell. Save your game at the Beatrice statue nearby on your left. Climb up the wall, move left and then down to another ledge where you will reach a gap. Jump across. You will then speak to Virgil and receive the Death Blade relic – which is an “Unholy” bonus which increases the damage of your scythe when equipped. Just ahead up on a small ledge, you will also find a fountain that has a Judas coin.

Moving forward you will see a mana fountain. Nearby this is a lever you can pull (RB). This will unleash more flying creatures and hell’s minions. Once you have killed them, pull the lever again to open up a small platform that you can go across. From here, jump across quickly to another area. Pick up the soul fountain located there.

Now you will need to climb down a wall. You will then need to fight large black demons and some hell’s minions. Once you dispense with them, use the turnstile in the middle of the room to make the platform go up. On the left top side there is a Judas coin. You may need to use the turnstile more than once. Then move up to the door that is located in the middle. Jump across and open the door. Beyond this is another encounter with Virgil. Use the health fountain to your left.

Move down the path until you reach a fire barrier. Fight some black demons and flying creatures. Absolve or punish black demons as you see fit. Beyond this is a poor soul of a man who is crying. Absolve or punish him to gain bonus souls. The result of this encounter should unlock Holy/Unholy Level 1. If you have not already done so, use accumulated souls to upgrade your Holy or Unholy skills.

Go through the door ahead for another fight with black demons and hell’s minions. Save the game at the Beatrice statue nearby. If you have made it this far, you have successfully completed this part of the walk through. Coming up next is more on Acheron, Limbo and more.

Image screenshots for the Dante’s Inferno walk through were created by Sheila Robinson.

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