Completing River Acheron in Dantes Inferno: Limbo, The Judge of the Dead Boss & Getting Through Ropes

Completing River Acheron in Dantes Inferno: Limbo, The Judge of the Dead Boss & Getting Through Ropes
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Acheron Continues

At this point in the game you should be located at a Beatrice statue. This was shortly after your first encounter with a lost soul. If not, review part 1 of this Dante’s Inferno walkthrough.

Moving forward, you will need to cross a wire that is attached to a large statue. When you get close to the end of the wire, you will encounter a large demon that causes the wire to be cut. Climb up the wall to a ledge. Move across some blocks that are moving back and forth until you reach the top platform. Jump across to another sliding platform that goes left. Jump up again and you will find another lost soul, a man who is crying. Absolve or punish him to get bonus souls. You should now be at Holy/Unholy Level 2. Use the mana fountain to your left. Climb up a wall nearby.

The River Acheron

At the top of the wall you will encounter more black demons, flying creatures and a large beast. Use the mana and health fountain close by if needed. Kill the demons and flying creatures and then take control of the beast. Use the beast to fight more of hell’s minions and then use him to chop off the head of the large demon.

Now climb up a wall to a top of a ledge. A small animation sequence begins. Then Dante will continue moving forward without the beast. The platform you are on will begin to crumble. Move quickly to the center platform that remains and then quickly press the RB button as soon as it appears to move across to a safe landing spot.


Dante’s Inferno screenshot

At this point you will now have another encounter with Virgil. Talk to him and save the game at the Beatrice statue on the left side. Now go to the right side and climb down the wall to another small platform. Jump down to another small area below. You will now encounter charred minions. These guys will explode shortly after they appear. Use one to open a wall area close by. Grab the minion with RT and use RS to aim him towards the wall. Go through the wall down a hallway. At this point you will find a relic called the Eyes of St. Lucia. This relic gives Dante a chance to deflect an incoming attack, which negates damage and pushes enemies away. Next to this is a soul fountain. A Beatrice statue is also nearby. Save your game.

Go around the corner to a door. Open it. Bizarre looking evil babies will appear that have knives attached to their arms. These are “unblessed infants.” Wipe them out and move past this room to talk to Virgil again. You will then obtain a new relic called the Lord’s Blessing. This one will increase the damage of all Holy Cross attacks and abilities.

Move forward and go around the corner to a health fountain and a door on the left that you will need to open. You will encounter more “unblessed infants” and black demons. Deal with them and open another door ahead. Talk to Virgil for information.

In the center of this room, go up a small ramp and pull a lever that opens up an area to a jump point. To the left of this lever is a Beatrice statue. Save the game. Use the jump point and swing across for an encounter with the Judge of the Dead.

Boss Battle – Judge of the Dead

Dante’s Inferno screenshot

There are a couple of phases that you need to watch out for in this battle. In the first phase, the Judge of the Dead has small appendages that will pop up from the ground. These will appear in your location if you stand in one spot for too long. Dodge back and forth quickly to avoid damage. To the left and right of you are two locations you can temporarily jump (yellow icon) to when the Judge of the Dead uses his breath attack. Once his breath stops quickly try to attack him with the Holy Cross but avoid his tongue that can pin you to the ground.

To damage him, you will need to blind him first. The Holy Cross is the easiest way to do this without getting too close. Once he is blinded, move up close to him to attack the red spot at the base of the torso. He is blinded only temporarily, so you will need to move back after getting a few good strikes.

The second phase of the battle, the Judge of the Dead releases some hell’s minions and black demons. Kill them off. Now you will need to watch out for the appendages that appear from the ground again. Quickly move back and forth to avoid damage. Next, the Judge will use sweep and pound motions with his arm. Jump out of the way to avoid damage. He will eventually stun his arm, and the RT button icon will appear. Press RT for a brief animated sequence where you need to push a couple of Xbox 360 buttons in a particular order.

By this time the Judge of the Dead is low on life. He will continue the above attacks and throw some black demons and “unblessed infants” at you. Use the same above tactics to cause damage and kill him. Once you have defeated him you will receive the Tail of Minos relic. By this point in the Dante’s Inferno walk through you can walk beyond where the Judge was standing, walk across and look for a spot to swing across. Do so and walk down a corridor and save your game at a Beatrice statue.

Lots of Ropes to Climb

Dante’s Inferno screenshot

Beyond the save spot is a rope you can climb down on the right. This time you will need to use ropes to swing across to other areas. Use LS to move up and down a rope. Hold the RB button to build up a momentum to swing across. On this rope, slide down to the bottom of it and start swinging to jump to the next rope.

On the second rope, go to the bottom of it and swing across to the next rope. On the third rope you will need to swing and then double jump to reach the vine rope. From here you will need to climb down to jump another small rope below (A). Now you will need to break through a barrier to get through to the next area. Swing on the rope and hack at the barrier with your scythe to break it. Once the barrier is gone the rope you are on will still be swinging. Get a good momentum, jump and quickly press the RB button to grab the next jump point. This will generate a rope. Now jump to the next rope. Flying creatures will then attack you. Defend and kill them off using the X button. Next swing to the next vine rope and climb down. Jump to the ground when you reach the bottom of the rope (A). You will now see another lost soul, a crying person that will need to be absolved or punished. Make your choice and collect as many bonus souls as you can. After this you should be at Holy/Unholy Level 3 and will be entering a new section called Lust. This ends part 2 of the Dante’s Inferno walk through.

Image screenshots for the Dante’s Inferno walkthrough article were created by Sheila Robinson.

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