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The Dynamics of Stat Training for your Viking Mercenary - Strength

The Viking has two particular weapons in his arsenal, which are worth tailoring your Viking stat-training strategies to. The first is his Frozen Axe spell, which really can be a tide-turning ability when used correctly, and the second is his standard axe attack, which when used by a powerful Viking can inflict some serious damage on enemy units.

For his standard attack, the best stat to increase is Strength. I would say that Strength is probably the most important stat to increase on a Viking, simply because his standard attack is so strong. The higher your Viking’s strength, the more damage he will do with his axe attack, both to your main target and to the units to the left and right of your main target. It’s worth noting here as well, that it is worthwhile to attack the middle unit in an opponent’s formation with this attack, so that 3 enemy units receive damage instead of only 2 if you were to attack a unit within a side column of the enemy formation.

Intelligence Increases on your Viking

For Freezing Axe, the best thing to do is to increase your Viking’s Intelligence. This will increase the damage done by this attack, but not the duration of the spell itself. This increase is rather small, but it is worth keeping in mind when considering which stats to increase on your Viking.

Another thing worth noting is a somewhat unusual mechanic in Atlantica Online, where when you heal a unit, the healed unit’s Intelligence stat actually plays a role in the strength of the heal. The higher the healed unit’s Intelligence, the stronger the unit will be healed for when a Shaman or Oracle heals them. This is probably the only game I’ve seen where this occurs, but testing has shown that this is the case. While it may seem worthwhile to use refund vials to refund any Intelligence increases for possibly more useful stats, in the long run it may be worthwhile to keep some Intelligence increases on your Viking.

Other Stats Worth Increasing

Other stats worth increasing on your Viking are Vitality and Dexterity, to increase his overall survivability. The low Magic Defense of the Viking is his true weakness, but you can only increase Magic Defense with equipment, not with growth vials, which are the only item which can increase a unit’s stats.

In the following articles in this guide to the Atlantica Online open beta, we will explore the Viking’s magical abilities. We will then wrap up with a look at the long-term viability of this dynamic melee class D mercenary.

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