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Viking Stats

The Viking’s stats are the biggest influence on the viability of the class in the long run. At the higher levels, his extremely poor Magic Defense ends up making him quite vulnerable to magic attacks. There are multiple class C mercenaries with powerful magic attacks which can hit any unit in the opposing formation in the late game of Atlantica Online, and once those mercenaries arrive on the scene, the Viking’s lifespan tends to shorten significantly on the battlefield.

Among the Viking’s strengths are his high Strength stat, allowing for high-damage attacks, and his reasonably high Defense and Vitality. These stats allow the Viking to tank pretty decently in the first 40 or so levels, but by the mid-game there are several other mercenaries with much better stats for front-line positioning in your formation.

The Viking’s stats are as follows:

  • Strength: 330
  • Intelligence: 140
  • Dexterity: 110
  • Vitality: 310
  • Defense: 280
  • Magic Defense: 50
  • Action Power: 70-90

The Viking’s main weak point is his low Magic Defense. In the later game, most attacks are magic-based, and many are area-of-effect speels, so the Viking ultimately ends up taking large amounts of damage with very little effort by the enemy. For an Axeman main, though, the Magic Defense stat is much higher, making the Axeman a really great option for your main.

Equipping Your Viking

As far as equipment goes, it’s a very good idea to give your Viking the best axe possible. The Viking attacks horizontally in Atlantica Online, hitting both your selected target and the targets on the sides of your target. If you’ve killed a unit in the front ranks of your opponent’s formation, this can be a good way to hit targets which would otherwise be protected from physical attacks by units in the ranks in front of them. Additionally, the Viking’s attacks are powerful, and using a better axe simply magnifies that power.

In terms of armor and accessories, It is recommendable to give the Viking equipment which increases his strength and his ability to stay in the fight for as long as possible. Items which increase Strength, Vitality, Defense, and Magic Defense are indispensible for this. The Viking’s real power in most fights is his skill Freezing Axe. Because of the power of this skill, your opponent will probably choose the Viking as one of the first targets to take down, particularly in PvP. So it is a good idea to use equipment which boosts his defensive stats, to increase his survivability.

In the next section of this guide, we will go into which stats are most worth training on your Viking, to ensure maximum power and survivability from this useful mercenary.

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