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Which Viking Skills Should You Train?

With the long-term viability of the Viking greatly reduced by his poor Magic Defense statistic, it becomes a much easier decision as to which skills are most worth training for your Viking mercenary. The Viking has only one skill which is easy to come by in the early levels of the game, the Freezing Axe skill. This skill is also the Viking’s most important skill, by far. Because your Viking will become useless in the later levels, it doesn’t make sense to train the more expensive skills like Breakdown, Guard Dispel, and Deadly Strike.

One strategy which may be recommedable would be the 1 book training strategy, in which you train 1 level of each of these 3 skills, thereby adding them to your arsenal, with very little expense. Ultimately combining this strategy with pumping Freezing Axe up as high as possible may be your best bet. When your Viking’s turn comes up in battle, the skill which you are going to want to use 95% of the time will be the Freezing Axe skill, so why not train the most used skill?

The story is entirely different if your main is the Axeman, the Viking main class. In this case, your Axeman is going to be around for a good long while, and this is a great opportunity to have some of the more useful Class D melee mercenary skills with you into the highest levels of the game.

The Axeman Difference

The difference with an Axeman main, is that not only do you have much greater survivability due to a high Magic Defense, but you also are definitely going to be having your main toon all through the game. This changes the dynamics involved in which skills you should train, on your Axeman main.

The best choices are definitely Freezing Axe, and Guard Dispel. Guard Dispel is a greatly useful skill all through the span of your time in Atlantica Online, if you are into PvP. People who do not have class D melee mercenaries in the later levels will not have this skill, and it is actually an incredibly powerful skill in PvP battles.

As for Breakdown, it would be worth training up if you intend to have an Archer, Artilleryman, or Gunner into the late game. Artillerymen may be worth keeping around for stun AoE builds.. they really are the only choice among those 3 which I would recommend keeping into the later levels of the game. If you do, you can combine Breakdown with the Artilleryman’s Chaos Wind spell, to create the Destructive Wind spell, a powerful spell which damages every unit in the enemy formation, at the beginning of every enemy turn.

Breakdown may be worth training up, even if you only intend to use it to directly damage the enemy.

Finally, Deadly Strike is actually a great skill to have on a main. If a battle is very close, and your main is near death, facing off against a few enemies who are also near death, the Deadly Strike skill could turn the tide of the battle. With this skill, you’re able to deliver a very powerful strike against an opponent, ensuring that they die in that round. A main Axeman is already capable of doing great damage, so this skill may be worth training up as well.

Vikings Summarized

Ultimately, the Viking is a powerful mercenary, at least in the early game of Atlantica Online. The Axeman is a great main, with many of the top PvPers using them quite successfully. Vikings are indispensible in the early game, and the Axeman has some great skills which are great to have around in the late game. Enjoy the game, and feel free to peruse our other guides on the Atlantica Online mercenaries here on Bright Hub.

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