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The Viking - Tough Meleer & PvP Powerhouse

Vikings have an assortment of abilities which make them almost indispensible in the early-to-mid levels of Atlantica Online. While they are not as tough defensively as the Swordsman, they do have the ability to dish out some serious damage on their opponents with their standard attack, and they are a decent tank in their own right in the early levels. Their keystone ability however is the magical attack Freezing Axe, which applies both a multiple-round damage-over-time effect, as well as immobilizing the units in the row on which Freezing Axe is cast.

These abilities make the Viking a very good choice for your party in the early game, but ultimately the Viking’s low magic defense causes him to be greatly outclassed by other mercenaries in the late game. Vikings are too easy to kill in the late game, but in the early-to-mid game they are a good addition to most any build.

The Axeman class is essentially the main character version of the Viking. If you choose for your main to be an Axeman, he will have the same abilities as the Viking, but with good magical defense. This makes for a very tough and dynamic main. Axemen and Artillerymen are currently the main character in almost every current winning build in high-end PvP.

The Role of the Viking

The Viking serves a strong defensive role in your party in AO, through the use of the skill Freezing Axe. This spell can be used to immobilize an entire row of the opponent formation for several rounds, mitigating any damage or effects which the frozen enemies would have brought upon your party in those rounds. This skill is useful both in PvP and PvE, but it has a very strong application in PvP, and this skill alone can quickly turn the tide of any PvP battle, if used on the right enemy mercenaries.

Additionally, the viking’s attacks are quite powerful, and so the Viking is a rather powerful offensive character as well.

The Viking tanks fairly well in the early game, and it is an option to have one in the front row of your formation, particularly if you don’t have enough Swordsmen to fill your front row. However, in the late game the Viking will drop quicker than even a Monk or Oracle, because of their exceedingly low magic defense stat, making the long-term viability of the class nonexistant in the later game.

Early Strategies for this Class D Mercenary

There are several strategies to use for the Viking in the early game. I have faced parties in PvP with two Vikings in them, and once they’re able to get past your magical defenses through Holy Guard, your party really doesn’t stand a chance any longer, with literally no opportunity to move any mercenaries, as your opponent chews through your iced-up formation. This is a true testament to the power of the Freezing Axe spell.

I wouldn’t hesitate to say that any party in the early game should have a Viking in it. There is no other spell in the first 50-60 levels of the game which can turn the tide of a battle like Freezing Axe can. If you have better tanks, such as Swordsmen or Spearmen, use them for your front lines, with your Viking behind them. It is worth using the Viking as a front-line tank, however, if you wish to fill those back spots with Gunners, or Archers, or some other class with a different sort of utility than the rather straightforward melee mercenaries.

The Viking (Axeman) serves brilliantly as a main character class, but as a normal mercenary, in the long run your Viking is going to be outclassed by far tougher mercenaries, so enjoy the power of your Viking in the early game, and be ready to retire him when the time comes.

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