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Swordsman Skills - Class D Melee Mercenary Skills

Perhaps nothing defines an individual mercenary class in Atlantica Online more than the skills which are available to them. The Swordsman is unique as a class D melee mercenary in that there are five skills in his arsenal, while the other two class D melee mercs, Spearmen and Vikings, have four.

The Swordsman has 3 skills which are common among each of the three class D melee mercenaries. These skills are as follows:

  • Guard Dispel - This spell can be cast on a single row of the opponent’s formation. It essentially cancels out the spell Holy Guard which is on any of your opponent’s units in that row. This allows your other mercs to use magical attacks on those mercs which previously had Holy Guard on them.

  • Deadly Strike - This spell can only be used when your mercenary is on the verge of death. It is a very highly damaging attack, targeted to a single enemy unit. Using this ability will tax your mercenary’s action power both on the round in which it is used, and on the following round. It really is a last ditch sort of ability, but it deals out significant damage.

  • Break Down - This is an area-of-effect spell, targeting every unit in the enemy formation. It is one of the weaker AoE spells in the game. However, if it is used on a formation which has the ranged skill Chaos Wind in effect upon them, the spell Destructive Wind will activate. Destructive Wind is a high-damage area-of-effect, damage-over-time spell.

Unique Swordsman Skills

In addition to these 3 basic class D melee mercenary skills, the Swordsman has 2 skills which are unique to the class. These skills are:

  • Flame Sword - The bread & butter Swordsman skill, Flame Sword is much more likely to successfully hit your opponent than a regular attack, and deals out pretty good damage. A useful skill to use when an opponent’s front-line unit is near the brink of death, and you want to ensure that your attack kills off the unit.

  • Dark Seed - A single-target damage-over-time spell, this spell can be cast on any unit in the enemy’s formation. If Hex of Darkness is cast upon a unit which is effected by Dark Seed, then the damage-over-time spell Hell Flame is activated on the unit. This spell does significant damage to a single enemy unit.

Our next article in this series asks the question, “How should you train your Swordsman’s skills?", while keeping in mind which mercenaries are worth pairing with the Swordsman. We will also go into the long-term viability of the Swordsman class, further on in this article series.

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