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Swordsman Statistics

The Swordsman’s starting stats are as follows:

  • Strength: 340
  • Intelligence: 130
  • Dexterity: 240
  • Vitality: 250
  • Defense: 400
  • Magic Defense: 125
  • Action Power: 70-90
  • Attack Power: Weak for a Melee Fighter

The swordsman’s high defensive strength is by far his strongest asset. The swordsman is able to wear heavy armor, and swordsmen are the only mercs that can use a shield. Additionally, the swordsman has high stats in Defense and Vitality, and reasonably high Dexterity, which all add to the Swordsman’s defensive power.

His strength is also high, allowing for decent damage output. It is important to note as well that the Swordman’s low Intelligence makes his magic attacks rather weak, compared to some other classes. Finally, his magic defense is quite low, though the effect of this can be circumvented through the use of the Monk spell Holy Guard.

The Swordsman can oftentimes last through 2-3 rounds of sustained, focused attacks from enemy parties, which allows for alternating Holy Guard and healing the Swordsman. If using this strategy, it is important to have your Shaman’s Life’s Blessing spell at as high a level as possible, for the strongest possible heals.

The Swordsman’s action power is high enough that he is able to attack on most every round. Another useful tactic is to have your front-line Swordsmen use the Guard action if you anticipate a strong attack from your opponent on the following round. This allows the Swordsman to have a higher pool of action power in on your next round, as well as increasing his defensive ability substantially during the round on which he is using Guard.

Swordsman Equipment

In general, the best equipment for a swordsman are those items which enhance his particular strengths. You want a swordman to be able to tank and deal out the highest possible damage to individual targets. The best armor and accessory choices are those which increase defense, vitality, dexterity, and strength the most.

The swordsman is your front-line shield, taking the brunt of the enemy’s attacks so that your weaker mercenaries don’t have to. The longer he lasts, the longer your other mercs can stick around to deal out damage to your opponent, and support your team with heals, buffs, and other beneficial spells.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to give him the best weapon that you can, as the quality of your mercenaries’ weapons in Atlantica Online has a very strong effect on their damage output. Sometimes a lower level weapon with a high bonus, such as +5, +6, or more, can be substantially better than the next-highest-level weapon, so it’s worth shopping around to see if there are any cheap weapons with high bonuses listed on the market.

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