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The Swordsman - A Solid Frontline Fighter

The Swordsman is by far the toughest starting (class D) mercenary in Atlantica Online. Traditionally, you will see Swordsmen positioned in the front ranks of a team’s formation, tanking incoming damage and protecting the mercenaries behind them from taking damage. While swordsmen are able to deal substantial damage to individual targets, they also have a few tricks up their sleeves which allow them to target multiple enemies or enemies in any position in the opposing formation.

Swordsmen are an indispensable class until the middle levels of your main’s advancement, when other tanking mercenaries such as the Lady Knight, the Beast Tamer, and the Spartan are worth trading out for your Swordsmen, once you are of high enough level to recruit them. However, the Swordsman’s unique skills and the way that they combine with other skills makes the class one that may be worth hanging onto. We go into more detail on the long-term viability of the Swordsman in the last article in this series.

The Role of the Swordsman

It is very unusual to see Swordsman mercenaries positioned anywhere in a player’s formation other than on the front lines. They are the toughest early mercenary in Atlantica Online, and their natural role is to be up front, tanking incoming damage from the opponent. The Swordsman’s strength is in his high defensive abilities, which actually reduces all of the damage which he receives, keeping his hit points from dropping too quickly.

The Swordman’s hit points are actually not the highest among the early mercenaries, so any damage that they do receive is more easily healed away by your Shaman or Oracle or healing potions. Ultimately this makes the Swordsman the ideal front rank soldier.

Early Strategies for this Class D Mercenary

One possibly early strategy in the game is to start with three Swordsmen. A party with three Swordsmen in it will tend to last quite a bit longer in the early game than one with only one or two. Here the how this strategy can work:

The idea is that during the time that you have six or less mercenaries, you keep your mercenaries in two columns, with 2 Swordsmen in front of your main, and the 3rd Swordsman at the front rank of the second column. This does a great job of keeping your main alive in early battles, and also is a strong formation for early game PvP.

Once you have seven or more mercenaries, you can ensure that you still have the benefit of great defensive abilities, by stringing out your three fully-leveled Swordsmen along the front rank of your party, thereby protecting all seven of your mercenaries from most attacks. In PvP that 3rd Swordsman out in his own column will be a low-priority target, and you can switch your other Swordsmen out with him if they become overly injured. This tactic is also useful for PvE encounters.

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