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Stat Training Strategies for the Swordsman

While growth vials won’t always give you the particular stat increase that you were hoping for, you can use refund vials to remove the increases that you didn’t want, and increase the unit’s stats in a more customizable fashion. With this in mind, which stats should you seek to improve on your Swordsman mercenary?

The obvious choices are Vitality, Dexterity, and Strength. Personally, I would rank Dexterity first as the stat most worth increasing, followed by Vitality, with Strength last. Dexterity increases your unit’s chance to dodge an attack. Naturally, to not be hit at all is preferable to being hit but having more hit points, as would be the case if you increased Vitality first. Being hit less means less damage for your healers to have to deal with, meaning that your healers can spend time casting other, more proactive spells, which could help your chances in battle more in the long run.

Increasing these 3 stats first and foremost is a good idea, for a lot of reasons. You have a tougher Swordsman, who dodges more attacks and is able to take more damage, and who does more damage on single-target melee attacks. But there’s another angle here, and it has to do with the game mechanics involved in with the Intelligence statistic, and something else that the Intelligence stat is useful for on the Swordsman mercenary.

The Intelligence statistic has an usual effect on healing mechanics in Atlantica Online. In AO, the Intelligence of the unit which is being healed by another unit actually plays a role in the strength of the casted heal spell. The higher the healed unit’s Intelligence, the more the unit is healed for. This is not a huge factor, as it takes a lot of Intelligence to increase the power of the heal significantly, but it is worth mentioning.

Intelligence & Skill Power

Intelligence is also useful on a Swordsman mercenary because intelligence effects the power of your mercenary’s magical skill usage in Atlantica Online. In the long run though, the Swordsman class eventually becomes less useful as stronger mercenaries enter the scene, and this plays a role in whether or not you should boost your Intelligence statistic. Whether or not you should keep your Swordsman around into the highest levels of the game becomes a moot point, when stronger tanks like the Spartan, the Lady Knight, the Beast Tamer, and the Exorcist come around.

The Swordsman has skills which are useful when he is combined with a Shaman, but the Oracle ends up outclassing the Shaman, taking away the need to include one in your party. Because of the growing inconsequentiality of the Swordsman’s advanced skills in the late game, it can be counterproductive in the early game to boost Intelligence for the starting skills, when the Swordsman’s real strength is in his defensive abilities.

We will go into these ideas in a more in-depth nature in a later article in this series on the Swordsman class.

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