Atlantica Online Swordsman Guide - Long-Term Viability of the Swordsman Class

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The Long-Term Viability of the Swordsman

It could be easy to think that the Swordsman would be worth keeping in your party for the duration of the game, with skills like Dark Seed, Break Down, and Guard Dispel in his arsenal. Each of these skills can be combined with Shaman and ranged skills to bring the powerful Hell Fire and Destructive Wind into the mix in your PvP and PvE battles, and these are very powerful spells in the early and mid-game of Atlantica Online.

But, there’s a catch. The Shaman is eventually outclassed in the later levels by the Oracle, a healing class which is capable of healing your entire party, or of casting highly damaging AoE spells. It’s somewhat likely that you’ll still have a mercenary with the skill Chaos Wind in the later levels of the game, and the Destructive Wind spell is pretty powerful, but the simple fact is that mercenaries with more powerful skill combinations eventually do come along. The Lady Knight, Beast Tamer, Spartan, and Exorcist are each good tanking classes. Each of these, in the long run, are a stronger class than the Swordsman at the highest levels.

Something to consider in light of all of this is that it is very worthwhile to have a melee main. The Breakdown and Guard Dispel skills are both useful into the late game, with Guard Dispel in particular being a very powerful tool in late game PvP. One particularly good melee main is the Axeman.. we go into why Axemen are so good in our Viking article here on Bright Hub.

The final thing to consider in long-term Swordsman viability, is that none of the top winning Korean PvP builds have Swordsmen in them. If the best of the best don’t use them in the high levels, then it’s a great idea to follow their lead and rotate your Swordsmen out for the class C tanking mercenaries when they become available to you.

Swordsmen Summarized

When it comes down to it, the Swordsman really is an excellent mercenary to have around, for the first 70 or so levels of the game. But ultimately some new tank classes come around which really do outclass the Swordsman. Couple this with the sudden irrelevance of the Shaman upon the arrival of the Oracle, and this leaves little reason to keep the Swordsman around in the higher levels. They are great while they last, but in the long run some other mercenaries come onto the scene which are even better.

In the early levels, I’d highly recommend coupling a Swordsman with an Artilleryman or Gunner and Shaman, and I’d even recommend going with 3 Swordsmen. Almost nothing will get through your front lines, if you outfit your Swordsmen well. But one of the strengths of any party in Atlantica Online is having the ability to alternate battle strategies on the fly, and the later mercenaries in the game add a new kind of versatility to your party which the early mercenaries simply can’t provide. Additionally, they simply have better stats and skills than the class D mercenaries.

Feel free to explore our guides on the other classes in Atlantica Online. We’ll be adding more on a regular basis. We will also have several other articles on Atlantica Online in the near future. Thanks for reading, and good luck on the battlefield!

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