Vindictus Crafting Guide

Vindictus Crafting Guide
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The Crafting Journey

Nexon’s latest free-to-play MMO acquisition is devCAT’s highly impressive physics-based action-brawler, Vindictus. The game has a nearly unrivaled visual appeal and sports all the same features that make most RPGs renowned fan-favorites. Speaking of “features”, one of the most commonly used features in the game is the crafting system, which is surprisingly easy to use and conveniently setup to ensure that gamers can get a grasp on making the gear they want to use…or sell.

Finding out how to craft and enabling oneself to take the opportunity to get familiarized with the materials and crafting options present in this Vindictus crafting guide will help you in being more active and less fortuitous in your crafting journeys.

Where To Start And What To Do

Scoping out the dock yard

So how do you get started in crafting with Vindictus? Even as a newb, what can you even do as a beginner crafter? Well, unlike some other popular MMOs out there like World of Warcraft, Allods Online or Neo Steam, the crafting in Vindictus isn’t actually handled by the player but instead by the NPC. Yes, this game takes the high road by eliminating player-oriented crafting and instead puts players in charge of simply acquiring the necessary material to get the crafting ball rolling.

When you start in the town of Colhen there are a couple of in-town shops and stores you can visit that will put you in the right direction for crafting specific material suited for your class. For instance, you can only have items crafted if you have the recipes to give to the NPCs that make the kind of items that you desire.

Attaining Recipes

Scavenging for items in the Perilous Ruins

Starting off in the game, players won’t have many items to craft save for some light battle mail. In order to obtain new items for crafting you either have to grind it out of an instance or buy it from the NPC vendor at the Mercenary Outpost, Ceara.

After purchasing a recipe from her it’s possible to then head to either the Traveler’s shop or the Forge to have the new items crafted by the NPCs there. Players can only acquire higher level recipes by finding them either in mobs or within the environment during travels to any of the zones, such as the Perilous Ruins.

Right clicking on the recipe in your backpack, after attaining it, will allow you to have access to crafting whatever item the recipe allows you to make, assuming you have the right materials on hand.

The Basic Material Rundown

Exchanging items for crafting

Unlike a lot of other MMO games out there where crafting is reliant on material scraps, such as Fallen Earth, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms or Allods Online, Vindictus handles material in a slightly different manner. Instead of gathering together scraps from fallen enemies, players will often find material only in particular mobs in certain parts of a dungeon.

If you don’t super-overkill an opponent they usually fall for the count, in which you have some time to “Finish” them. Literally, it’s like Mortal Kombat and you go over and use the right-mouse button to finish them. A small, ghastly item orb will fall out of them where you walk over and pick it up. The item may contain something useful that can be applied to crafting.

Some of the more common material you might encounter includes fine cloth, Knoll leather (of various grades), Knoll clubs, Knoll helmets, and leather. Out of them all, the leather and the helmets are the hardest to come by and it’s very important to farm leather and hang on to it as often as possible. The Knoll equipment can be sold for gold but it’s probably more important to keep hold of it because the blacksmiths in town can melt down the parts to make new armor and weapons.

Questing For Equipment

Questing for material

Vindictus is all about changing the way MMOs are played from one end of the spectrum to the other. To moderate the crafting assets that players can acquire, the game has it setup where a lot of the newer equipment such as swords, shields, helmets, and accessories can only be crafted or acquired after completing certain story scenarios.

Gaining access to certain recipes is also relegated to completing specific quest related events, insofar that newbies are restricted from having access to high grade equipment early on in the game. So even if you buy a recipe some of the material, such as iron ore, may not drop from any of the mobs found in the first few dungeons. Hence, gaining access to higher quality equipment to craft is, in a way, also attached to your questing progress.

Hopefully this beginner’s guide for Vindictus’ crafting mechanics was insightful enough to lead you in the right direction on how to acquire what you need and where you need to get it. If you need more crafting guides for MMOs such as Aion Online, Allods Online or Heroes of the Three Kingdoms, feel free to check them out right here at Bright Hub.

For further information regarding Nexon’s free-to-play MMO, Vindictus, be sure to visit the Official Website.