Fallen Earth Motorcycle Crafting Walkthrough

Fallen Earth Motorcycle Crafting Walkthrough
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These Wheels Were Built For Scavenging

Just like every other MMORPG out there with usable mounts, there are plenty of them to ride or drive in Fallen Earth. And if you’ve played Fallen Earth but find yourself surrounded by a bunch of gamers riding around on awesome looking vehicles or pulling into the garage or horse stable with some radically bodacious high-level horse or motorcycle and want one of your own, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s not uncommon for some low-levels to even have access to a few of the more technically advanced vehicles in the game. Added to this, it’s not quite as hard as you might think to attain them, although it can be somewhat time consuming. Hence, this starter guide will help explain what you need to know to head off in the right direction for acquiring the proper quests and items necessary for building a motorcycle.

The Garage Outside Zanesville

Doesn’t look like that ambulance will be taking anyone anywhere

Scattered throughout the game world there are a few helper NPCs that explain where you need to go and what you need in order to build an ATV. There are no NPCs to help lower-level players build a motorcycle. However, the neat part is that while partaking in the ATV quest all the necessary information becomes available to design your motorcycle. It’s like eating cake and ice cream in one scoop.

Just east of Zanesville there’s an NPC at a checkpoint garage that will explain the locations you need to visit in order to build your ATV. The following locations include:

Embry Crossroads

The guy behind the buildings up near the storage - (ATV/Motorcycle frame quest)


The guy down and across the street from the storage building (ATV/Motorcycle control system quest)


The NPC just outside the east gates standing in the corner - (ATV/Motorcycle engine quest)


The NPC near the garage just in front of the junkyard - (ATV/Motorcycle tire quest)

Pass Chris

A multi-quest NPC inside the armor shop in the corner - (Building the ATV quest)

Building Your Ride As You Go

Scavenging a vehicle to build a vehicle, that’s the apocalyptic way

Some gamers might complete the entire ATV quest and then decide to build a motorcycle. This isn’t a bad concept but it will take a really long time to build the ATV and motorcycle separately, that’s not to mention that you might find yourself short on supplies when you need them the most.

Instead, the best place to start is at the Embry Crossroads and do the quest for the ATV frame, it’s one of the easiest to complete, making it a good starting point. You’ll find the NPC just behind a few buildings next to the storage facility. After completing the quest you’ll receive the recipe to build the motorcycle frame within the science tradecraft category, along with the ATV frame. If you have enough scrape glass you’ll probably want to start crafting the motorcycle frame before you log out (it’ll take several hours to complete). After waiting several hours, when you log back into the game just store the frame in your storage and continue on with the quests to attain the engine parts, the wheels and the control system.

Science Fuels The Motorcycle

You might find some petroleum in there somewhere

In order to build the research manual for the motorcycle you’ll need a lot of scrap paper, two pens and an ATV key. Not only that, your science trade-skill has to be above level 45. The best way to level up the science trade is to make gunpowder (if you happen to use rifles or pistols), acid grenades, dyes or boosters.

By the time you get to Pass Chris you should have the ATV engine, tires, frame and control system in tow. This way once you complete the final task (and it’s a very long final task, too) you can start building your ATV. When you log in after the ATV key is done (it will take a minimum of four hours if you build it in a science workshop and up to six hours outside of a science workshop) you can then use the key as part of the research for a motorcycle.

You’ll also need 50 vehicle repair kits in order to complete the research manual for the motorcycle. This sounds daunting but it’s not so bad considering that when you craft a vehicle repair kit it gives you a set of 10. So crafting five vehicle repair kits will automatically give you the 50 you need in order to complete the research.

Taking Your Two-Wheeler For A Spin

With your new motorcycle you’ll no longer have to travel by foot

Once you’ve completed the research manual, it’s time to put all the parts together and craft your very own motorcycle. Again, it’s best to start the crafting process just before you log out so you don’t have to wait four or six hours for it to finish. You’ll need gas to keep it running and the best place to get it is from making your own using the science trade-skill. Alternatively, you can buy one gallon from the gas station/stable for about 200 credits. So yeah, it’s probably best to find some petroleum and make your own because you get a set of five when crafting gasoline.

Once you’re gassed up you’re ready to take your motorcycle out for a spin. Hopefully this guide helped get you on the right track for crafting the motorcycle. If you need more information be sure to visit the Official Website or check out the rest of the starter guides or game introduction guides.

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