MMO Gamers' Fallen Earth Intro Game Guide

MMO Gamers' Fallen Earth Intro Game Guide
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Fallen Earth MMO: Introduction

Fallen Earth takes you into a post-apocalyptic Earth where you will begin the adventure as a clone forced to search the badlands of the Grand Canyon Province for clues to the mystery of your own DNA. Along the way you’ll be forced to loot what you can, scavenge everything you can find of use and trade to obtain needed goods and items to survive.

You’ll have to work your way through over 1,000 square kilometers of territory filled with 70 different towns for you to visit during your journey of discovery. Along the way you’ll uncover the history of your people and the philosophies that shape the broken world you’re living in. You need to learn of the alliances that dominate the Grand Canyon Province and the mission ahead to give you back the immortality they stole from you.

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Grand Canyon Province Geography

In 2034 the technology conglomerate GlobalTech bought the Grand Canyon from the United States government, where they planned to create a modern, metropolitan province that was home to their many researchers and scientists. The great fall of humanity brought an end to this dream.

Now players enter Fallen Earth in The Plateau, where they discover ruined towns, while combating raiders and mutants and engaging in missions like the famous embry Crossroads Monster Hunt. Next to be discovered is the decaying suburb known as Northfields. Here you’ll encounter fierce and savage raider clans, like the Devil’s Own. Ally with one of the six factions included in Fallen Earth and battle other players to gain control of Conflict Towns.

To the East of Northfields, players will encounter the dense Kaibab Forest, which is home to many deadly threats, like the gigantic El Cadejo. In this area players will also find more advanced towns such as Warhall and Fender Gate which provide opportunities to increase skills, encounter powerful mutations and lots of bone crunching fun.

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The apocalypse of Fallen Earth began in an age of nanotechnology and cloning a hundred years before you stepped out of the LifeNet pod where you were born. Rumours of super soldiers and artificial intelligences ran rampant, but despite technological and martial advances, the downfall of humanity was a sudden and catastrophic event that destroyed everything we hold dear. The virus that started the downfall was first detect around 2055 and spread so quickly that North America was infected by 2056. In its wake it left an eradicated human race that was left to scavenge from the remains. Questions were asked about whether this biological anomaly was manmade or a government project gone wrong?

The continental devastation that resulted sparked questions of biological warfare and tensions began to rise. The war started on the East Coast between the government of the United States and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (backed by the U.S. military). Countries assuming the Shiva virus was a biological attack on their population reacted with their nuclear arsenal. This reaction further ravaged the population as the Shiva virus became attached to the radioactive dust of the bombs and was spread around the planet as the devastation continued. Since then the Shiva virus has mutated into more potent forms and taken a greater toll on the remaining humans.

The mutated Shiva virus eradicated over 90 percent of humanity, while those remaining were left to deal with the reality of the life before them. The last mutated form of the Shiva virus displayed similar but non-lethal symptoms. It affected nearly all the survivors and subsequent generations have continued to show effects of the new strain of the virus. The virus has caused weird mutations that are benign in some humans but malignant and inexplicable in others. Mutations started appearing that allow some humans to control and manipulate the world around them in new and previously impossible ways. The bottom line is that the fundamental genetic composition of the human race has been forever changed.

The Hoover Dam stood tall through the war and devastation and became the last bastion of civilization in the Grand Canyon Province and possibly the world. This hold out of humanity was finally destroyed during the reign of Alec Masters, a power-mad despot obsessed with controlling the power of the Shiva virus. His servants, the science-oriented Techs and militant Enforcers, couldn’t withstand the Children of the Apocalypse, who had been living in the wasteland beyond the Hoover Dam. In the end, the Hoover Dam was emptied and the light of civilization reduced to a flicker.

In the Grand Canyon Province, factions continue to struggle to assert their power and dominance over the other groups of Fallen Earth.

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Enter the post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth and you’ll assume the identity of a clone. Forced to loot, trade and scavenge as you solve the mystery of your DNA, you’ll discover interesting mutations, a unique crafting system and six factions in this RPS/RPG hybid MMO adventure.

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