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Champions Online: A Basic Stat Guide

by: Milawe ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Need help with understanding your stats on Champions Online? This guide will tell you what your stats do and what they affect. Learn what to train on CO and level fast without spending a lot of money and resources on retcons.

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    An Introduction to this CO Stat Guide

    Hot Superhero Chick in Action Stats play a vital role in Cryptic’s newest MMORPG, Champions Online. In CO, you can run around as a superhero—yes, like Superman or Captain America—and defeat criminals and aliens everywhere. To do t his effectively, you must know about your stats, how they affect your builds and powers, and which ones to train. In addition, you may pick your Super Stats, which will raise automatically as you level.

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    The Eight Stats and What They Do

    In order to see what the intended purposes of the eight stats in Champions Online, simply mouse over the stat name in your superhero’s character screen. You will also see how much your current stats boost each specific stat purpose. Some stats will scale by level, and some stats give flat bonuses. This will influence which ones you Super Stat, but understanding the nature of each stat will help you create the character you want to play without extensive retcons, also known as re-specs.

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    Strength influences the following:

    • Knockback power and distance
    • Knockback resistance (not working as intended at the time of publishing)
    • Release time from tangible holds (not working as intended at the time of publishing)
    • Melee damage
    • The items that you can pick up and throw

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    Dexterity influences the following:

    • Hot Superhero Throws Toys Critical strike chance
    • Stealth powers (not necessary due to teleportation)
    • Chance to dodge
    • Amount of avoidance (how much damage you manage to dodge)

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    Constitution influences the following:

    • Amount of hit points
    • Linked to a number of abilities (Invulnerability is one of the more popular abilities linked to this stat)

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    Intelligence influenced the following:

    • Ability to see through stealth
    • Energy costs of abilities
    • Ability cooldowns
    • Pet damage

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    Ego influences the following:

    dex and ego for critical hits 

    • Critical strike damage
    • Ability to break from intangible holds (not working as intended at time of publishing)
    • Influenced heavily by dexterity training (which determines how often you crit)

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    Presence influences the following:

    • Threat (increases threat for Protector mode and decreases threat for Avenger and Sentinel mode and nothing for Balance mode—threat mechanics do not seem to be working correctly)
    • Healing
    • Buff effects
    • Pet health

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    Recovery influences the following:

    • Energy Equilibrium
    • Energy building abilities (Energy building abilities become more effective, helping you reach full energy more quickly.)

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    Endurance influences the following:

    • Amount of energy

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    More Basics

    Knowing the basics stats and what they do is only the beginning of understanding how stats work on Champions Online. They are the core of your character and will determine what your character can and cannot do and how well they do them. Your choices are not set in stone, but you must spend resources in order to change your stats. In addition, game mechanics limit how far back you can go in your choices to change them. Learning more about Super Stats and Power Bonuses may help players make the correct decisions when training their superhero abilities on CO.

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