Champions Online Guide to Super Stats

Champions Online Guide to Super Stats
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Super Stats: How They Work

As mentioned in the basic stat guide, some stats scale by level and others give a flat benefit. Those that scale by level, to some extent, should not receive much attention—or talent points— unless you plan to Super Stat them. Sheer ability points alone cannot train them high enough to make them effective in the long run. The following stats scale by level: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Ego, and Presence. The following stats receive a flat bonus: Constitution, Recovery, and Endurance. You will get to choose your first Super Stat at level 5 and your second one at level 13. These will be the only two you can choose, but you can retcon (re-choose) both of them if you need to do so. At level 40, the maximum level on Champions Online, you will receive 80 points to each Super Stat.

Super Stats: What to Train

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Choosing your Super Stat should be based on how you wish for your character to perform. You need to take into account the abilities you wish for your character to train as well as your character’s Innate Characteristics and Framework. Which abilities do you want to use? What role do you want your character to play? What do you enjoy doing most in the game? I will admit that this was not an easy choice for me, but one of my favorite things about the game is tossing the scenery at my enemies and laughing as they fall down. That means that my strength is rather vital to what I enjoy doing with my character. Thus, one of my Super Stats is strength, and since my best passive ability is Invulnerability, I picked constitution as my second super stat. For a nuker—an offensive, high-DPS, ranged attacker—a combination of Dexterity and Ego may be a good choice since those stats affect crit chance as well as crit damage. Again, the choice is not permanent, and you may retcon your Super Stats. This will, however, cost resources (CO’s currency).

Power Bonuses

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Some powers scale with specific abilities, so they may affect your choices of which stats to train as well as which Super Stats to pick. The following list breaks down the abilities that are linked to specific stats:


  • Enraged (Might)
  • Invulnerability (Power Armor)


  • Ice Form (Ice)
  • Lightning Reflexes (Martial Arts)


  • Defiance (Might)
  • Ego Form (Telekensis)
  • Invulnerability (Power Armor)
  • Shadow Form (Darkness)


  • NONE (Choosing Intelligence as a Super Stat is still incredibly popular since it affects abilities overall in many beneficial was such as lowering cooldowns and lowering the energy costs for abilities.)


  • Ego Form (Telekinesis)
  • Ego Surge (Telekinesis)
  • Killer Instinct (Munitions)
  • Personal Force Field (Force)
  • Telekinesis (Telekinesis)


  • Empathic Healing (Telepathy)
  • Fire Form (Fire)
  • Mindful Reinforcement (Telepathy)
  • Psionic Healing (Telepathy)


  • Electric Form (Electricity)
  • Fire Form (Fire)
  • Regeneration (Supernatural)


  • Electric Form (Electricity)
  • Ice Form (Ice)
  • Personal Force Field (Force)
  • Shadow Form (Darkness)

All the damage that you do within the game scales with your Super Stats not with level, but all the powers above that are linked with stats consist mostly of passive defenses or heals. Thus, try to pick a build that consists of complimentary abilities.



Again, stats mean everything for your character on Champions Online, and with eight primary stats to choose from, deciding what to train, what to Super Stat, and when to retcon can be extremely daunting. Several excellent builders can be found online to help map out your character if you decide to play that way. Ultimately, CO is not a difficult game, so it is very hard to “mess up” a character build completely. Retcons, however, do cost a lot of resources, so making stat choices while fully informed is the best way to go. Last but not least, learning about the Talent Points that can be received at level 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 21 can go a long way in helping you pick which stats to train and make your character the best superhero he or she can be.

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