Fallen Earth Character Builds: Crafting

Fallen Earth Character Builds: Crafting
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Fallen Earth: Building the Perfect Crafter

Unlike many other MMOs, Fallen Earth has no class system. Players are free to build their stats and skills freely to suit their own personal style. Though there are limitations (e.g. skill maximums are based on a character’s stats combined with their level), there is still a great deal of room to build whatever type of character you desire without becoming weak in the process. Most often, players decide either to focus on combat skills or crafting skills.

Being a ‘crafter’ in Fallen Earth is completely viable. Most gear is crafted, including ammo and mounts. Crafting is also far more economical than buying the same items from other players or from merchants. You may imagine crafters as weak and unable to put up a fight in combat or PvP, but that’s a myth. While crafters have to give up extra combat ability, they can hold their own in a fight so long as they are built well. This guide will help make sure you have the essentials for crafting, along with a powerful punch for combat.

There is no single perfect build for crafters. However, the guide below will offer you the information you need to create a solid crafter build. A few sample character builds are also included at the end for reference.

Fallen Earth Crafting Essentials: Intelligence and Perception

No matter what your combat choices are, there are two essential stats for all crafters to build: Intelligence (+28 points) and Perception (+26 points.) These stat increases will give you 165 maximum crafting skill, allowing you to craft any item in the game. Without these stats, your maximum will be 110 skill – good enough if you simply want to make ammo or mounts, but not good enough to be called a true crafter.

Choosing your Weapon: Melee, Rifle, or Pistols

Even a crafter needs to pick their favorite method of killi


ng in the Wastelands. You have three options available: Melee (one- and two-handed weapons used in close quarters only), Pistols (short range guns), and Rifles (all long range guns and crossbows, which penalize melee defense). Both gun skills are recommended for crafters, as they use Perception (a necessary stat for any crafter), but melee crafters are equally capable in a fight.

Choosing your weapon will decide which two combat stats you will max, along with your chosen weapon skill. For melee, these stats are Strength (+27 points) and Coordination (+25 points). For both guns, these stats are Dexterity (+27 points) and Perception (+26 points). You will also put the maximum number of points into your chosen weapon skill.

Protecting Yourself in Fallen Earth: Defensive Skills

There are two defensive skills used in Fallen Earth: Do

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dge and Armor Use. Dodge helps determine whether or not an enemy hits you; Armor Use allows you to equip better armor, reducing the damage done when an enemy does hit you.

Both abilities come highly recommended, especially to a crafter who will be less defended against a full combat character. You can choose either ability, or choose both. Both abilities require coordination; dodge requires the use of perception (already used for crafters, and for pistol and rifle users) while armor use requires endurance.

For whichever skill you choose as your main defensive ability, plan to put 27 points in Coordination plus maximum points in the ability. For Dodge, you will need 25 points in Perception (which you will have for crafting); for Armor Use, you will need 26 points in Endurance.

Support and Mutations

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Once you’ve taken care of your required stats for crafting, combat, and defense, it’s time to fill in the remainder. Your remaining points can go to support skills or mutations. It is recommended that you only choose skills or mutations that use stats that you have already put points into.

Recommended support skills include First Aid (requires intelligence and perception, and good for solo play) and Social (Charisma +27, Perception, and good for trading); also available are Group Tactics (Charisma +27, Perception, good for grouping) and Athletics (+27 to Endurance, +25 to Coordination, good for defense and hit-points.)

All mutations will require +25 Will to max, and your choice of mutations depends on play style. Most mutations require Intelligence or Perception, with the exception of Primal (Strength), Patho-Transmission (Endurance), Empathetic (Endurance), and Telepathy (Charisma.)

Sample Character Builds

These sample builds are based on a level 45 character with 200 Bonus AP.

Melee Crafter with Dodge, Armor Use, First Aid, and Athletics

  • Stats: +27 Coordination, +26 Endurance, +28 Intelligence, +26 Perception, +27 Strength
  • Skills: +82 Armor Use, +81 Athletics, +82 Dodge, +92 First Aid, +82 Melee

Pistol Crafter with Armor Use, Nano-Manipulation, with some Dodge

  • Stats: +27 Coordination, +27 Dexterity, +26 Endurance, +28 Intelligence, +26 Perception, +25 Willpower
  • Skills: +82 Armor use, +39 Dodge, +82 Pistol
  • Mutations: +82 Nano-Manipulation

Rifle Crafter with Dodge, First Aid, Group Tactics, Social

  • Stats: +27 Charisma, +27 Coordination, +27 Dexterity, +28 Intelligence, +26 Perception
  • Skills: +82 Dodge, +82 First Aid, +77 Group Tactics, +82 Rifle, +82 Social