Fallen Earth MMO Gameplay Starter Guide

Fallen Earth MMO Gameplay Starter Guide
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Welcome To The Wasteland

One of the biggest MMO games ever released is Icarus Studios’ Fallen Earth. The game is mammoth, to say the least. It also features some awesome landscapes to adventure across, lots of things to loot and plenty of MMOFPS or MMOTPS action. There is so much to the game that many players spend a disproportionate amount of time just wandering around trying to get their bearings…yeah, it’s really that big. To help gamers get started with some of the basics and learn the ropes, here’s a starter’s guide to help beginners get on the right path to exploring the apocalypse in Fallen Earth.

The Dam: Meeting The Locals

The CHOTA faction, up close and personal

After booting the game up and creating your character you’ll then be taken to the first part of the tutorial, which is just a mock-up of training exercises to familiarize gamers with some of the content that will be available later in the game. All of the tutorial will take place within a dam that’s being fought over by many different factions. Players will encounter various factions throughout this tutorial phase and it will help identify what each group stands for, what their goals are and potentially work as a precursor for players deciding if that’s the sort of group worth joining later in the game.

If it’s your first time creating a character be sure to follow all the instructions and talk with each NPC to understand what each group is about and whether or not this is a group worth your time in the long run. Each faction within Fallen Earth has a representative at different points within the dam, and depending on the character you created and what you’re looking for (in the long term) can help in deciding what group to seek out once you enter the main game.

The Dam: Don’t Get Too Attached

Spoiler: The timer moves faster than the ATV

The whole point of the dam tutorial is to help players understand what Fallen Earth is about and give gamers a brief overview of the game’s story. At no point whatsoever can players walk away from the tutorial with their character level intact, their skills upgraded and all their items retained in their backpack. Bothering to stick around to gain a few levels, acquire items or scavenge for extra crafting material is an absolute waste of time. Why? Well, not to spoil all the fun but you die by unintentionally committing suicide. Yes, it sucks but its’ true…so don’t go getting all attached to anything you do in the tutorial that takes place within the dam. The only purpose of the dam sequence is to serve as a playable alternative to some unnecessary cinematic intro sequence – and I think the developers were wise for doing it the way that they did.

Picking Your New Home

I doubt the residents want you anywhere near their house

At the end of the tutorial, after saving everyone in the dam and sacrificing your body, it’s time to come back and start the game for real this time. Instead of having the level 40 character with all those cool stats and awesome gear, you’ll have nothing but some newb gear to get you going. It’s also required of regenerated newbies to pick a home town to start their new adventure of retribution. The one thing to note about picking a home town is that it will determine where you will spend a lot of your time leveling (all the way up until level 5 and that’s several hours worth of gameplay) as well as what sort of items you might come out of town with once you’re done doing the newbie missions.

The main computer terminal explains exactly what each town offers, categorically. So if you want to start near a town that focuses on crafting and scavenging you might want to choose a town in the crafting category, or if you want to start in a town where the focus is on pistols, rifles or melee, it might be best to pick a town in the combat category. Given that new players will start poor and with very little resources it might be best to pick a town in the crafting category so it’ll be easier to acquire materials to build a lot of your starting gear.

The Second Tutorial Is An Essential Tutorial

These are clothes worn by people who didn’t complete the second tutorial

No matter what town you start in there will be an option to take on a second tutorial that will help familiarize new players with more of the detailed gameplay aspects of Fallen Earth. This tutorial is not only an essential mission to take on for new comers it’s also good for experienced players when starting over. Why is this tutorial so important? Because it will help every player who participates in it acquire a free mount (which is absolutely essential for travel) as well as some extra cash, food and equipment.

Don’t think that just because you completed the dam tutorial makes you eligible for skipping the starter town training missions. Acquiring a free horse and those extra items will save a ton of time and spare you a lot of heartache for having to grind ridiculously just to make enough money to buy a horse bridle on your own.

Learn Everything You Can Afford To Learn

Training books will help you scavenge

While doing the training missions (or after you complete them) it would be wise to stop by the trainers in the town and buy up all the beginner training books. Yes, ALL of them. Making money in Fallen Earth resides on what you can sell, which is based on what you can scavenge and you can only scavenge from certain things after acquiring the skills from specific books. So be sure to buy the beginner training books from the appropriate trainers so you can learn the basics of geology, harvesting of mutants, insects, mammals and plants. It’s also important to buy trainings books for crafting starter weapons, starter armor and medicinal equipment.

Most of the starter books are about 11 chips, which is pretty cheap. The only books that might be a bit costly are the mutant and insect harvesting, as well as a few geology books for mining copper, lead and other geological entities. If you can’t afford the basic books at the start, don’t sweat it. Just keep leveling and grinding until you can afford them. And don’t bother buying pens and scrap paper to make books because you’ll go broke that way. The only time it’s essential to make a book is if a trainer doesn’t sell it or it’s hard to find.

To use the books simply right click on them and click on the ‘Use’ button and it’ll add the necessary info to your crafting guide (accessible by pressing the ‘L’ button on the keyboard). Learning these crafting skills are extremely essential for making useful items that range from restoring health to upgrading weapons and armor.

School Is Out

Time to open up a can on some apocalyptic mutants

This guide is only for helping players get their bearings. There are more guides available here at Bright Hub featuring detailed things like crafting, buying and selling for a profit and things to look for when scavenging. For gamers who need to better understand the lore and settings of Fallen Earth be sure to check out the Game Overview Guides.

Hopefully this guide will help new players on their way to establishing a direction when playing Fallen Earth without feeling too lost. Of course, keep in mind that there’s no wrong way to play the game and even if you feel you’ve messed up there really is no way to mess up in the game. If you spent too much money or lost an item it can always be crafted over by acquiring the right parts from out in the wasteland.

For more information on Fallen Earth be sure to visit the Official Website.

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