Fallen Earth Scavenging Guide For Beginners

Fallen Earth Scavenging Guide For Beginners
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The Junkyard Is Your Friend

One of the biggest things gamers are usually confused about and don’t quite grasp at the start of Fallen Earth is the crafting and scavenging. It’s completely understandable to enter the game and play for hours on end without really having a clue how to utilize a lot of the cool features that are available right at the start of the game. And there are a ton of cool features at the start of the game. This guide coincides with the Fallen Earth gameplay starter guide, which will help put players in the right direction for making the most out of the wastelands of the Grand Canyon. So it’s advised that you read the starter guide first and then check out the information in this crafting and scavenging guide.

The Limitations of Character Evolution

There’s no shame in being a florist in Fallen Earth

There are no limitations to what players can become or how players can evolve in Fallen Earth. It’s an entirely open-ended experience that is its greatest feature and its biggest drawback for newcomes. However, the real trick to finding a niche playing style and evolutionary character tract is limiting your character to what you want them to become rather than trying to take on too much all at once.

It’s easy to see all the options, the trade-skills and the stats and become overwhelmed with where to put the APs or what stats to increase. The first thing you need to ask yourself after completing the first tutorial segment is what sort of character do you want to create and evolve in the world of Fallen Earth?

Since there are no set classes, players are free to design their own: do you want to be a healer? Do you want to be a rifleman? An armor-crafter? A weapons craftsman? A naturalist? A geologist? A miner? A constructor? Or a vehicle maker? Not only can you specify in one field but you can combine fields if you like, but it all comes back to what you want your character to evolve into. Deciding on this can readily help in how you acquire items and what stats and skills you seek to improve.

Look, Search, Find, Sell

This is not a good place to scavenge…

Making it anywhere in Fallen Earth doesn’t depend on how far you go using a vehicle or how much you grind (i.e., Fly for Fun, Rohan: Blood Feud, etc_.,_), it depends on what you acquire for establishing growth for your character.

If you’ve decided on what kind of class you’d like to establish it might be prudent to purchase the beginner and advanced training guides relevant to your class and then begin crafting the low-level items in the crafting menu. In order to start crafting items you’ll need to find (or buy) all the necessary material(s) to level up in the respective area.

The best thing to do is to head out and start grinding on some foes. The enemies that drop the best items, though, are usually human bad guys such as the Raiders, evil Scavengers or Gully Dogs. If they’re low enough in level for you to pummel on, shoot or kill, keep doing so until you find all the necessary items you need to begin crafting low-level equipment. It doesn’t matter if you can actually use it or not, the whole goal is to level up your crafting ability so your trade-skill will be high enough to craft the items you do need.

For all the items that you acquire from fallen enemies and monsters that aren’t required for your tradecraft, feel free to sell them. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash for items you do need to buy and an excellent way to keep your inventory light for materials that may serve a purpose for more advanced items.

Scavenging In The Right Areas

Time to get digging…

Scavenging items will allow your character to level up that particular trade-skill. So in addition to crafting items within a particular trade, scavenging those items will also help increase it, especially in the nature and geology tradecraft.

If you’re having trouble finding some of the items you need to make whatever it is you’re trying to craft, keep a few things in mind: all materials, minerals, metals and woods are exactly where you might expect them to be. If your starting town doesn’t have a junkyard nearby where you can scavenge for a variety of items, venture outside your town a bit to look in likely places. For instance, if a quarry is nearby you’ll find all sorts of iron, copper and lead piles to mine. Just be sure you have the proper geology or science training books so you know how to mine them. The same applies for acquiring materials from plants, flowers, insects, reptiles and mutants.

Also keep in mind that where you find animals such as coyotes or rabbits, there will likely be a lot of wood and plants to scavenge. Mutants and reptiles usually hang around where there are a lot of junk piles that include rubber, copper, lead, leather and chemicals to unearth.

Auction The Unneeded

They’re all there for the auction…and candy

In order to upgrade certain tradecrafts you’ll have to make a lot of items you may not need at first. For instance, if you’re focusing on making armor and the only materials you have on hand are those for making gloves, shoes or belts, you may end up making a lot of the same items you won’t need.

To absolve the over-abundance factor that comes with crafting too much of the same item, be sure to head to the auction house or auction podium (depending on the town) where you can relinquish items to consignment for a small price. If a town does not have an auction house then keep additional items in your bank storage until you can make it to a town that has an auction house.

Hopefully this guide helped shed some light on the basics of scavenging and crafting in Fallen Earth. If you need more information on the game be sure to visit the Official Website.

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