Vindictus Lann Warrior Guide

Vindictus Lann Warrior Guide
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Warriors Of A Feather Flock Together

Nexon’s free-to-play action RPG, Vindictus, has already gained quite a following given its intense gameplay nature and unique approach to the standard-fare MMO grind. For now, the game offers up two very different playable classes, including a sword-and-board warrior class named Fiona and a dual-sword wielding class named Lann. Unlike other RPGs where character classes can switch up weapon types, the characters in Vindictus will always stick with their particular weapon archetype. This Vindictus Lann Warrior guide for beginners covers the early aspects of the game and will basically point out what the class is like and what a few of his specialty skills are.

Customizing Lann

Every Lann can have a different look

Vindictus has a rather unique setup, insofar that while players will choose a basic class archetype the character itself is still highly customizable, very similar to Dynasty Warriors Online, including being able to choose some of the basics such as hair, hair color, facial hair, skin color and eye color.

Even though players are picking from a pre-made archetype the options to modify character only go as far as the player’s imagination. There are even some cash shop items and characters options available to further customize the character to the player’s liking. Including facial traits and hair styles to further individualize each archetype.

The Weapons Of Lann

Posing with swords

It’s true, the Lann class warrior only has the ability to wield dual swords. However, the swords can be upgraded, traded or enhanced so long as the player’s character meets the appropriate requirements. Despite most people on the server playing as a Lann Warrior, there are actually a good variety of swords with enough distinction to keep some players separate from one another. Some of the basic swords that players can buy or construct using the Vindictus crafting tool include Twin Fluted swords, Twin Friendship swords and Twin Raging swords.

In order to uncover or upgrade equipment players will need either enhancement stones or the appropriate crafting material from the instanced dungeons in order to build a brand new sword. Alternatively, weapons can easily be purchased for a hefty price from the player marketplace where weapons, items, gear and specialty items are put up for sale.

Armor Types And Proficiencies

Customizing armor

While having different armor may change your character’s looks and stats, the one thing you probably didn’t know is that the armor in Vindictus can actually alter your combat performance greatly. Depending on the class you pick, the varying armor in the game will determine your combat efficiency in a number of areas.

First thing is first, there are three different types of armor variants in the game, including cloth, light and heavy armor. The differing armor types will either help or hinder you depending on how you plan to play your character. While the stats may vary for each armor type, so does their affinity for certain playing styles.


Light armor

If you’re aiming on unleashing all kinds of massive combo attacks and crazy fast strikes, then you’ll want to stick with cloth or light armor. Lighter armor types take less weight to equip and offer the player more freedom in movement by taking less stamina to perform dodges and combo strikes. It’s essential to stay lightweight if you want to be able to crowd control mobs with combos. Unlike other MMOs where crowd control is determined by AOE magical attacks, it’s wide-sweeping combos that determine it for the most part in Vindictus, and light armor makes that possible.


Heavy armor in Vindictus

On the opposite side of the spectrum there is the heavy armor sets. These types are classified as having lots of defense and being capable of deafening the amount of HP that is consumed from heavy hits and powerful swipes. What’s more is that heavy armor sets allow players to acquire skills to prevent themselves from being easily knocked down from boss attacks or charged enemy strikes. Nevertheless, the added armor comes at the expense of slower combos and the inability to dodge quickly. There’s also decreased stamina when using heavy armor, meaning that players really have to time their movements and attacks. The benefit is that this is how players enact being a tank, using high HP and defensive abilities to absorb damage.

Lann Warrior Combat Tactics

Beating down bad guys with a spiked club

When playing as Lann most players will assume the role of one of two play-styles, namely the two mentioned in the previous section. This becomes essential later on in the game when tactics and teamwork become a more pivotal aspect for progression.

Using the speedy, lightweight approach to combat is effective when teamed with another lightweight warrior and a tank for more difficult bosses who deal a lot of damage. The tank is usually designated for using the grappling hook to subdue bosses while the DPS warriors go in and deal as many strikes as possible before the boss either recovers or stamina runs out.

Level 12 And Beyond

Battling a boss

Given that the game has a rather limited level limit (as of the writing of this guide), it basically means that players near the halfway point just after passing level 12, which enables players to wear most standard armor types and use most of the basic weapons available for the character.

Also, take note that just because a character has access to a variety of weapons and armor, the highest grade isn’t necessarily the best grade of the item. Just like with DarkEden or ROHAN, players can upscale items, which is essential if you happen to come across weapons or armor you enjoy using but needs a slight boost in stats. Simply use a few enhancement stones (if the item is applicable) and then upgrade it a few times.

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