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    • Tekken Julia Chang Character Profile
      Julia Chang has replaced her mother Michelle since being in Tekken 3, which showed a variety of new generation characters. Julia uses a unique Xing Yi Quan fighting style that differs from the other players.
    • Tekken Asuka Kazama Character Profile
      Asuka Kazama is Jin's cousin and was first introduced in Tekken 5 as a highschool student out for revenge. Asuka has the same moves as Jun which make many tend to believe she was created to replace her.
    • Tekken Lars Character Profile
      Lars is the Swedish character that has taken the lead in Tekken 6. Lars has a whole scenario campaign circled around him and has also added a new combat style to the Tekken series.
    • Tekken Jin Kazama Character Profile
      Jin Kazama has been the leading Tekken protagonist since Tekken 3, which became a smash hit. Jin has retained the same fighting style with minor changes when Tekken 4 came out.
    • Tekken Michelle Chang Character Profile
      Michelle Chang was one of the few female characters that were introduced in the first Tekken game. She is widely known for her more masculine fighting style compared to the other Tekken women.
    • Tekken Alisa Bosconovitch Character Profile
      Alisa is one of the few non human characters that have shown up into the Tekken series. She is an android that is capable of firing rockets and flying, which makes her a great starter character.
    • Tekken Bryan Fury Character Profile
      Bryan Fury is one of the most known Tekken characters, mostly because of his brawn and heavy hitting fighting style. He uses a variety of kick boxing moves although he is a bit slow at the start.
    • Xbox 360 Character Guide for Tekken 6
      A complete guide to the Alisa Boskonovich character from Tekken 6 - Learn all about her tricks and treats.
    • Tekken 6 for the PSP: Winning's Hard, Cheating's Easy
      Big fighters. Big tough fighters. Big tough fighters out to smash you to bits. Is this what you signed up for? If not, then you're going to need all the help you can get to beat off the foes when the PSP blasts Tekken 6 at you. And by "beat" we mean "cheat." But you knew that, right?
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