Asuka Kazama's History in Tekken

Asuka Kazama's History in Tekken
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Asuka Kazama

Asuka was first believed to be Jun when the promotional images for her first came out, but that was diminished when her profile stated that she was Jin’s cousin and she was a 17 year old high school student. She has the same fighting style as Jun, being Kazama style traditional martial arts. This has left many Jun fans confused, as they have taken it as Jun never coming back since she was replaced. Although she got negative feedback at first, Asuka soon became a favorite because of her appearance and the fighting style that fans craved for.

Asuka in Tekken 5

Asuka Kazama in T5

Asuka had trained with her father since she was very young and had received a black belt in Kazama style martial arts. One day, her father’s dojo was destroyed and he was found beaten up next to it. Asuka worked with police on the case, and officer Lei Wulong told her that the intruder would most likely enter the Iron Fist tournament. With the only information about him being a Chinese kenpo fighter, Asuka enters the tournament in search of him. After running into him, who is named Feng Wei, she swears her revenge for her father and when she wins the fight, she states how strong he is but was not strong enough to wear her out. She decides to proceed with the tournament.

After beating the tournament’s maker, Jinpachi Mishima she sees an unconscious devil Jin and runs up to him. Unbeknownst to her, when she shakes him, she is making him lose the last stages of the devil appearance, going back to his regular self. Although it is not known yet, but the story seems to put Asuka in place of his mother for having the angelic power than can calm the devil within.

In Tekken 6

Asuka Kazama in T6

Her story has next to nothing in this installment and she is merely there as another fighter added to the roster. She does however know about the on going war that Jin had created with the Mishima Zaibatsu and she enters the new Iron Fist tournament to throttle Jin’s efforts. It is unknown if she ever meets with Jin, since her ending shows her late for school. During the ending, Asuka is shown riding her bike with her rival coming through, Lili Rochefort, inside a black limo. The two start to fight which shows that they will have an on going love and hate friendship in later games.

Asuka Kazama’s Popularity

Asuka Kazama seems like she isn’t going anywhere, especially in the new Tekken Tag Tournament which features her and Jun together without any replacing. Although it seems her story has ended, it doesn’t mean that her fighting style might not get revamped into something even more special and original.