Lars Alexandersson The Lead in Tekken 6

Lars Alexandersson The Lead in Tekken 6
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Lars Alexandersson

Lars is the current main character of the Tekken series, replacing Jin who is now the main antagonist. Lars has spiked up blonde hair and an ever discerning face. He is a soldier in the Tekken Forces and practices the military arts with utmost speed and precision. Although being half Swedish, Lars fully speaks Japanese and lives in Japan, where he is stationed with his friend Tougou. Lars has a basic personality of being a hero who wants to save the world without getting any personal gain.

Lars’ Story in Tekken 6

Lars in Tekken 6 Cutscene

Being against the Mishima, Lars infiltrates a lab with his men where he finds the G corporation’s weapon, a small android with a cute female appearance. As he studies her, the lab is attacked by Jack 6’s and Lars try to retaliate but gets smacked across the room, which awakens the android, Alisa, and she fights off the Jacks with her hidden saw blades. At the aftermath, Lars forgets who he is due to the blow to the head and he and Alisa both try to find answers about himself. He meets Lee Chaolan along the way, as well as Wang, who both tell him about the G Corp and Kazuya Mishima, although this information is wrong and it is actually Jin using wars to disrupt the world.

He finally confronts Heihachi and tells him that he is his illegitimate son from when he visited Sweden. Heihachi was unaware of this fact and left in confusion, as Lars was about to pull the trigger on him. Alisa stops him telling him even though he is a hateful man, he should not kill his father, so instead he leaves him a message. They both find out that Jin Kazama is the one causing the war and they head to the Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters where they encounter Jin. Jin, able to give Alisa commands, tells her to attack Lars which ends in a battle Lars did not want to partake in, having grown close to her as if she were human.

Having Raven, a ninja, by his side, the two head to the deserts of the middle east to go after Jin who escaped with Alisa. They find Jin as well as the beast Azazel, and must defeat it before its true potential is revealed. After the intense battle, Lars rushes outside to be greeted by Jin once again, who tells him he had to start wars in order to awaken Azazel before it was too late and the world would be vaporized. After battling Jin and Alisa once more, Jin escapes in a helicopter while Lars and Raven say their goodbyes.

Lars takes Alisa to Lee, who understands robotics and says he can fix her up like new which Lars agrees to. It is not known what happens next but hopefully the next Tekken game will give some type of conclusion.

Lars’ Fighting Style

Lars in game screenshot

Lars has swift movement and can use strong attacks that cause a lot of damage to the opponent. He has a few aerial moves which can easily be accomplished with button mashing as well as some sliding attacks that cause slightly more damage than when other characters use them. Lars Alexandersson has a fighting movement that is often recognized as being much like Jin’s with more agility added in, which makes him very beginner friendly.