Tekken's Jin Kazama and His History

Tekken's Jin Kazama and His History
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Jin Kazama

Ever since the hype with Tekken 3 came about, Jin Kazama has been the new lead character replacing his dad, Kazuya Mishima. Jin has been the basically the face of Tekken and became a household name because of his recognizable features including his flame karate pants and hair that sticks straight up in the back, although his character is hard to master when fighting against the other challengers. Jin’s basic character is the tragic hero, since he resents his father and grandfather, as well as losing his mother at the age of 15.

Jin in Tekken 3

Jin Kazama in T3

Many fans debated that Jin was actually a teenage Kazuya when the announcement first came out, but this was debunked quickly when his profile stated he was Kazuya’s estranged son. He has received Mishima style training by his grandfather whom he started to distrust. Jin lost his mother by Ogre, a mythical creature that has the devil gene, just like Jin and his father. Jin enters the Iron Fist tournament to test his skills in order to get his revenge. Jin finds himself facing off with Ogre and eventually killing him, although a turn events happens and Heihachi’s men shoot at the victorious teen. This is the first sight of Jin using his devil gene ability, as he changes into a demon and flies off, leaving his grandfather confused.

In Tekken 4

Jin flees to Australia and trains harder, creating a mixture of Kazama and traditional karate. He now has a new goal of ending the Mishima bloodline, starting with his grandfather. After reaching the end of the tournament and about to finish off Heihachi, he sees a vision of his mother which prevents him from attacking and he decides to escape using the devil gene to fly away. Jin’s skills are slightly slower and he uses a few new throws that are also used in the Tekken games to come.

In Tekken 5

Jin in T5

After trying to kill Heihachi, he senses his devil gene is growing stronger and he enters the new tournament to seek answers and end his nightmares. This game also features The Devil Within, a short story mode where Jin is the main character, entering the Tekken Force headquarters and fending off Heihachi and True Ogre. The game plays like a one player action game but can grow difficult when facing so many enemies at once.

In Tekken 6

Jin Kazama in T6

In the latest game, it states that Jin has taken over Mishima Zaibatsu and he is the villain character. He lets the Tekken Forces go across the world to cause terror, and although it seems senseless, he is actually doing it to awaken Azazel, who would destroy the world with no mercy unless it were to be defeated. Azazel only wakes from its sleep if there is deep conflict, which Jin had done.

Jin’s Overall Appeal

Jin Kazama vs. Anna Williams

Jin Kazama is known as a one sided character who has deep emotional scars and a personality that has never ending broodiness. This however hasn’t stopped Tekken fans into liking his character and using him to his full potential.