Secrets and Hints for Tekken 6 for Playstation 3

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Getting to Know Tekken 6

The Tekken series has stayed at the top of the fighter list since the mid 1990s. Now with Tekken 6 we are going to get more than just consistent gameplay and depth. Tekken 6 also promises an entirely other fun aspect in the form of secrets and hidden gameplay modes. Here is a guide to some of the built in Tekken 6 secrets.

Tekken 6 Bonus Stages

Bonus stages are a standard in the Tekken gaming model and Tekken 6 will continue this theme. To open up Tekken 6 bonus stages you will have to complete very specific tasks in the Scenario Campaign, which is one of the main gameplay modes. If you want to open up the Arena just complete the Southern Woodlands area. If you want to get the Biotech Research Station Ruins from the Mishima Industries start by going to the junction in the Seahorse Grand Hotel. Take a right and then fight and beat the Kangaroo that will be your opponent. Go on to finish the stage and you will get the Biotech Research Station Ruins. To get the Nightmare Train just finish the Azazel’s Temple completely. Kigan Island is a favorite amongst bonus stages in Tekken 6. To get Kigan Island set Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign to Hard and then enter the Abyss Gate. Fight and beat the main who is wearing a straw hat. Once you finish strip him of every item he has on him. Now just leave the world map and you will have Kigan Island. For the Subterranean Pavilion also set the Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign to Hard. In the Hard setting go and finish the 16th Archaeological Expedition’s Excavation Site.

Medium and Hard Modes

If you want to actually make both the Medium and Hard modes in Tekken 6 available you have to actually beat Azazel’s Temple in the Scenario Campaign. You must do this before you try to unlock Kigan’s Island or the Subterranean Pavilion among the Tekken 6 bonus stages.

Special Move

There are a number of different secret hints that will help you with specific achievements in Tekken 6. All male characters have the secret move of the Sledgehammer, and all female characters have the secret move of the Niginata. These are both used by pressing Back, Left Punch, Left Kick, and Right Kick.

Tekken 6 Easter Eggs

Tekken 6 has few Easter Eggs, but one Easter Egg that they keep inside is called the Custom Win Pose. The Custom Win Post will give each character their own pose if they win. Right after you finish your match you must quickly hold Left Punch or Left Kick before the normal “win sequence” starts.