Cheat to Win in Tekken 6 for the PSP

Cheat to Win in Tekken 6 for the PSP
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TEKKEN 6 for the PSP

Tekken 6 is one awesome game and the PSP lets you take it anywhere you go and pull it out at a moments notice. But best of all are the graphics when fighting or the power of the punches (with screaming sound) that you can unleash on the color LCD screen. Winning is everything so are you surprised that there are cheats to help you accomplish that? We aren’t.

Unlock Some Fighters


Tekken 6 has some pretty awesome guys and gals waiting to kick serious butt. But to get them ready to party, you got to “unlock” some features. Here’s a few examples.

Go to the “Character” selection screen and choose “Kuma.” Press the “X” button to get Panda up and ready to play.

You want different costumes than the norm? Just hit the “Character” selection screen and highlight any character while pressing the “X” button.

Let’s go for broke - promote one of the Tekken characters up the food chain big time to “Tekken God.” All you have to do is score 20 million big ones. Make sure you’ve plenty of fluids handy while workingon this.

Unlock Some Stages

If you handle things just right, a stage can be unlocked. Here’s what you need to know - about a few, anyway.

Unlock the Nightmare Train - Beat Azazel’s Temple int he Central Corridor

Unlock Kigan Island - With the game set on hard, beat the man with the straw hat at the Abyss Gate. Grab all his stuff and leave to go to the World Map.

Unlock Nancy’s Bonus Round - Be the victor of all of the stages in the Arcade Mode, but don’t continue on.

It’s All the Rage

More Fight

Rage effects really pump up the game - and gamer - and so should be used whenever possible. Which means you’ll have to unlock them. Here’s a few to get you started. Just perform the action below.

1X Roulette - for the Black Rage

3X Roulette - for the Yellow Rage

5X Roulette - for the Ice Rage

And as a special treat - here’s an Easter Egg that’s hidden in the game. At the end of a match and just before the Win Sequence starts, press Left, Punch, Right, Punch, Left Kick to select a custom Win Pose.

Want Some More?

Tekken 6 isn’t the only fighting game for the PSP that can occupy your time. Here’s some others worth flexing your muscles over.

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