Bryan Fury from Tekken

Bryan Fury from Tekken
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Bryan Fury’s Story

Bryan Fury is a somewhat villainous character that has been in the Tekken series since the third game. He was said to have replaced another kick boxer character, Bruce Irvin, so they both have similar moves, with Bryan having more punches. Bryan does not really have much character development but his story and appearance has been based on Roy Batty from Blade Runner and as well as the Terminator.

In Tekken 3

His official profile states that he is part man, part machine, and part zombie. He was once an officer of an international organization who was killed in a shoot out at Hong Kong. Bryan’s dead body was retrieved by Doctor Abel, an old decrepit scientist who was well known in the underground world for his odd and somewhat evil experiments. He wished to create a cyborg army and thought recreating Bryan as an animated corpse with cyborg parts would be his first big breakthrough.

Before Bryan Fury was killed, he was known as a clever cop who tracked down many drug lords, but according to detective Lei Wulong, Bryan was taking some of the drugs himself. As a cyborg, Abel sent him to scout out and kill Yoshimitsu, a fighter that had strong ties to Abel’s competitor, Doctor Boskonovitch.

In Tekken 4

Bryan in T4

Bryan notices that his lifespan is depleting and needs a new energy source to stay alive. Doctor Abel had discarded Bryan and the Zaibatsu had gotten rid of Abel. Bryan grew to hate both, although he needed his creator to give him a new mechanized body. He entered the newest tournament to get what he needed, and he was also more powerful than before because of his body filled with rage. After winning the Iron Fist tournament, he finds himself meeting up with Boskonovitch, his creators enemy, who tells him he can make him as strong as he wishes. Bryan complies to this and enters a deep year long sleep.

In Tekken 5

Bryan in T5

After waking up and gaining his new upgrades, Bryan wanted to test them out at the new tournament. Yoshimitsu was hot on his trail because of the killing of lab workers and mess Bryan made out of the lab when he left. They both duke it out during the competition but it is unknown who remained victorious.

In Tekken 6

Bryan Fury in T6

Fury becomes more filled with hate ever since his battle with Yoshimitsu and he decides to join the battle conflicts happening across the world from Jin Kazama’s occupation of the Zaibatsu. He is featured in the main storyline where Lars finds him sneaking around in the forest, thus beginning a battle that ends in Bryan’s defeat.

Bryan in other Games

Anna Williams versus Bryan Fury

The half cyborg will be featured in the new Tekken Tag Tournament and there is also wind about him making an appearance in the two new games, Tekken x Street Fighter and Street Fighter x Tekken. Due to his popularity, its uncertain if he will yet again replace Bruce Irvin as the main kick boxer in the series.