Tekken's Michelle Chang

Tekken's Michelle Chang
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Michelle’s History

Michelle is a half Chinese half Native American character that hails from Arizona. She is usually dressed in Native American style clothing complete with a suede vest and headband. She prefers to hunt and track down animals like her distant relatives and enjoys watching buffalo with Julia, her adopted daughter. Michelle also has a pendant that is capable of awakening Ogre, an evil spirit that wants to destroy all of earth. Ganryu, a sumo wrestler is smitten by Michelle and she finds him as a pest, as does her daughter.

In The First Tekken

Michelle Chang in T1

Michelle is sent by Heihachi Mishima to find an ancient buried treasure that lingers somewhere on Native American soil. This may have been a set up as she soon hears on her 18th birthday that both her parents have been killed by Heihachi, and she enters the Iron Fist tournament to exact revenge upon him. This was not true however, as in her ending her mother is seen outside their house in a rocking chair waiting for Michelle’s return.

In Tekken 2

Michelle in T2

In a new turn of events, Michelle finds herself in another Mishima problem. The son of Heihachi, Kazuya Mishima, wants the pendant that has been passed down from generation to generation in her family. Her mother was kidnapped so that Michelle would enter the tournament to come and rescue her. After winning the tournament and freeing her mother, Michelle feels as though her pendant is now an evil omen and she decides to toss it into a lake in the forests of Arizona.

In Tekken 3

Although she is not a fighter in the game, her story goes on as she is now a mother. Michelle found an abandoned baby at ancient Native American ruins and adopted it to be her own. The baby was a native girl, whom she named Julia, and taught the arts of kenpo as a mean of self defense to her. Years have passed and Michelle is kidnapped by Heihachi’s men asking her what she had done with the pendant years ago. Julia enters the tournament to rescue her mother and finds out Heihachi wanted the pendant to open a portal for the Aztec god Ogre to destroy parts of the world. After rescuing Michelle, Julia sits down with her mother and they discuss that fighting is to keep peace and not used merely for hate and revenge.

Michelle in Other Media

Michelle in Tekken tag

Michelle Chang has also appeared in the Tekken animated movie, where she tries to stop Heihachi and Kazuya, thinking her family is dead. As she fought Kazuya, she lost and was too weak to continue, which made Jun Kazama step in and protect her life. Michelle has also appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament, a spin off where a two characters can be used as a tag team. This game was her last appearance in Tekken, its all up to the creators whether or not they would add Michelle in for a future release.