Sherlock Holmes the Awakened Walkthrough -- Part 3 of 5-- New Orleans

Sherlock Holmes the Awakened Walkthrough -- Part 3 of 5-- New Orleans
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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Arrive in New Orleans

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and in strange eons even death may die.” – H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

Sherlock Holmes and Watson have made their way to the new world. The city of New Orleans may be the birthplace of modern jazz, but the great detective and his doctor companion are not in the city for Mardi Gras or to sample the local night life. The clues from the Black Edelweiss Institute in Switzerland have led them to this city.

It will not take long before the players need to chase down a thief, but you, as Sherlock Holmes will need to turn your attention to a few things as soon as you get off the boat. The Port district contains many interesting locations, including a bank and a sheriff’s office.

Visit the bank first. You will have the following items in your inventory: money, knife, bill of exchange, and a broken statue. The owner of the bank sold a jewel not too long ago, but you will not be able to find this out until you bribe the guard. Once the exchange of currency and information has taken place, you need to head to the Champagne Hut.

The champagne is guarded by a less than loquacious fellow. The second guard, like the bank guard, can have his condition cured by the generous exchange of currency. You will learn about jewels brought off a ship 5 days ago by a person named Ashmat. There was also another man involved in unloading these precious gems. The man’s name is Arneson.

Watson Gets Mugged

Walk back to the bar in the Port District, which is described as a pub on the map. Watson will be mugged here and the game will cut to a chase scene. You will not be able to progress any further in the game until the thief manages to escape.

A thief in the pub will steal Watson’s suit case. Run outside the pub and wait after him. While the entire chase scene can be described, it is not necessary to give a step-by-step walk through. The thief waits long enough for you to catch him. You will run into the sheriff at the end of this scene. The thief will get away and you will be detained briefly by the deputies. A lady is looking down from the Lady Nymph pleasure boat and the sheriff seems to be more interested in her than you. He will tell you to leave town on the same boat that took you to his fair city.

The French Quarters

There are not many clues that will let a player know what he needs to do next, so he should just use the map and travel to the French quarter. He will be looking for Armeson, the silent partner in the jewel sale.

The first person Holmes encounters is a woman standing at the gate. This woman is a maid at this estate. She starts out walking away from you, but if you ring the nearby bell, she turns back towards you. The woman tells a tale about her brother, who has been missing for five days. The last place he was seen according to the maid, Eulah, was at the stables of the estate.

Go to the stables. Select the knife from inventory and pick the primitive door lock. There is not much inside except a horse, nearly dead from dehydration, and some nails. Pick up the nails and enter the gardens. The gate to the garden is locked, but on the side are flowers that someone has being taking good care of. Pick up the Incan (or Peruvian) Lilly, the White Lilly and the Bluebell. Near the back of the garden you will find a metal rod. Pick this up.

When you go back to the front of the garden, you will find a raccoon busily looking for something to eat. The raccoon is not important at this point, but the tracks of blood that you find are. Click on the tracks and use the Holmes’s magnifying glass to examine the foot prints.. Follow the foot prints to the back of the gate. As might be expected, New Orleans suffers from mosquito infestations in the summer. You will not be able to proceed through the gate and will be forced to enter the house in the French quarter.

There are tracks of blood leading into Armeson’s house. Enter the domicile and be confronted with the stench of rotting corpses. Head into the kitchen. The table setting is not important for now, but click on the water basin. You will be given control of Dr. Watson again.

Dr. Watson Saves a Life


“Do you think I have no respect for your medical skills?" Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson.

Take the basin from its stand and go outside on use it on the fountain. Head to the stables. After entering the stables, select the basin from your inventory and place it over the horse’s head. When you click the mouse, the horse will start drinking from the basin.

Congratulations, as the horse has now been saved. The horse will move, revealing a hammer that was underneath him. Pick up the hammer and head back into the house. The game will pass control back to the character of Sherlock Holmes.

Search a New Orleans Estate

The first part of the mansion that will be searched after Dr. Watson returns is the servant’s bedroom. There will be a set of footprints leading into the bedroom. When you examine these you find out that there are two sets here. One set, Holmes will note, belongs to a smaller person who attempted to sneak through the hallway. Inside the bedroom there are more footprints, a small set of clothes, and a picture of Armeson with the occupant of the room. There is also a bed in the room. Move the bed and look underneath it. There’s a small board in the floor which you can pry up. Take the ruby from inside the small compartment.

Go back out into the hallway and come up to the closed door. You can try to open it, but you will not be able to at this point.

The Dining Room parlor will be your next stop. Examine the room carefully for clues, as there are many things in the room that can be viewed. This will help Holmes determine the type of person whom he is looking for. Take the champagne bottle in this room.

After you are done in the dining room, you will need to ascend the stairs. The adventure in the mansion is almost over.

Searching he Master’s Bedroom will uncover a note that reveals that Davy’s trauma does not have a physical cause. Pick up the two books in the room Tales of Fantastic Hunts and Louisiana Floral and Fauna. Pick the metal tube up from the table by the window. Outside of the door is a lemon tree that you need to pick up.

Examine the lemon tree and pick it up. Near the bed is a copy of a newspaper with a clock puzzle. Read the newspaper and take note of the clue, if you do not want to have the puzzle spoiled for you, otherwise skip down to the next paragraph.

You will find a safe in the room. The combination is revealed by solving a clock puzzle. There is a dial on the clock and a space for the answers. Each space is where you right the number of factors for each item. The answers in sequence are 1,2,2,3,2,4,24,3,4,26. When you open the safe, take the key.

Continuing the Search for the Cthulhu Cult

Now that Holmes and Watson have finished exploring the first floor of the mansion, they should ascend to the second floor and continue to see what secrets that are hidden in this old house. Enter the trophy room on the second floor. You will need to use the key you got from the safe in the master bedroom.

There will be a goat on the wall with a horn missing. You will not stay long in the trophy room before you hear a scream that Watson identifies as coming from the direction of the stables. Head out to the stables.

You will not be able to open the door from the stables from the outside without a little help. There is a log nearby the outside entrance. Pick up the nearby log and use it as a battering ram on the door. Rush into the stables One of the maids will greet you in a less than lifelike pose. Her corpse will be hanging from the ceiling. Take the note pinned from her and read it.

Go back to the trophy room. On one of the walls is a goat missing a horn. There is a table by a painting that contains the missing horn. Put the horn on the goat and another picture will be revealed. Strangely enough, Arneson is not in this photo.

You will hear a click when you stand in the center of the trophy room. This section of the floor contains a pressure plate that will reveal the door to a secret room. Place the lemon tree on the plate to reveal the door. Use the key to open it and reveal the secret room.

Enter the secret room and pick up two notes. One is from the Northwood Detective Agency. It details the connections of the jewel theft between the places through which Holes and Watson have traveled during this adventure. There is another note in the room that recounts the conversations Arneson overheard, and finally take a look at the picture of Lucy. Use the map to go outside to the gardens.

Saving Davy’s Life


Davy will bar himself in a room. There is not much the player can do about this, but the maid Eulah will calm him down. Dr. Watson will enter the room and treat his injuries. Ignore the protestations of the servant that the British Doctor is a Hoodoo priest. The young man will write some numbers on a chalkboard. You can review these numbers in documents. They provide a clue later.

The next stop will be a pier. Go back out to the gate and be stopped again by mosquitoes. Some kind of repellent would be nice, wouldn’t it? Go back to the trophy room and pick a lemon off of the lemon tree. This will be given to Watson who will make the necessary preparations. Now that you can go outside of the gate, it is time to see what clues can be found outside of the house. Walk down the path until you come to a pool of blood. Examine the pool of blood for further evidence. Using his brilliant powers of deduction, Holmes surmises that Armeson’s right hand has been cut.

A boat has been tied to the pier at some point in the past, but the rope has been cut and the boat is not there at the moment. Unfortunately, the sheriff and his deputies are also advancing toward the Arneson house. Considering that the local law enforcement officials did not greet you with open arms to begin with, it might be a good time to explain yourself or prepare to leave the city.

Exploring the Port District

Now that you have evaded the sheriff, you must return to the port district. One of your first stops is aboard the pleasure boat, the Lady Nymph. Lucy is aboard this boat, but there is one obstacle in the way. The madam will not let anyone visit her girls unless she has money. Take some of your remaining cash and bribe the madam. Combine the flowers into a bouquet of flowers.

Give the flowers to the madam, who will in turn give them to Lucy. If you give the madem a bouquet, she knows they’re from Arneson and will talk about their plans and a man named Eroll. Lucy owes the madam money, but as soon as that debt is paid she plans to marry the man. All you find out from Lucy is that the man she plans to marry came down here to hunt something in the swamps.

Return to Champagne’s hut after your conversation with Lucy is finished. The man in the Champagne hut wants a bottle of champagne, and you find out that he would not take out his boat at night. You’ll be given some planks of wood and a bullseye lantern.

Distracting a Raccoon

You need a way to pay the man so that you can acquire access to a boat. Perhaps a missing ring will do the trick. Watson wonders what Holmes’s means, and the player will be given another quiz. (Relax, there are not too many more of them in the game.) Type in raccoon on your keyboard.

Go back to the kitchen and get the ham from the table. This ham will serve as bait for the raccoon. If you do not have nails in your inventory, get some from the stable. Sadly, the materials gathered are not for making a boat, they are for making a ladder. Combine the hammer with the nails. If you go over to the bench by the wall in the master bedroom, you will see a raccoon nest. Put the ladder on the wall by the bench. In the raccoon nest is Arneson’s signet ring. Take the ladder again and go out on the balcony. Place the ladder on the edge of the balcony and an escape scene will start.

When you have finished the investigation in the house, you will need to visit Champagne’s Hut once again. You will be able to pay the man, and he tell you what he knows about the local parish. Holmes adds an additional instruction to the man. He is supposed to tell the bot workers to wait for him and Holmes until 8 A.M. the following morning.

Finishing the Search for the Cthulhu Cult in New Orleans

Take the boat out into the local swamp. Arneson’s notes in the inventory will give you the appropriate path and there is a line marking most of the way. You will also pass a rock marked with a strange symbol and a jelly fish tree before reaching your final destination.

When you get to the sacrifice area, you will find that Arneson has met a gruesome fate. The idiom book that lies on the ground nearby should be picked up. Click on the corpse of the man and you will automatically go back to Lucy’s house, where there will be a masterful summation of the events that happened here. Watson and Holmes will pack their bags and head back to London.


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