Sacred 2:Fallen Angel - Character Guide to The Dryad

Sacred 2:Fallen Angel -  Character Guide to The Dryad
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The Dryad

The Dryad character in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is the master of ranged weaponry. There are a range of skills at her disposal from primary and secondary combat arts, offensive, defensive, and general skills.

Primary Combat Art skills can be chosen when the character reaches the level of two, but the secondary skills need to be chosen after a primary skill has reach the level of five.

Combat Arts

Primary Skills include Concentration, Capricious Hunter Focus, Cabalistic Voodoo Lore, and Nature Weaver Lore.

  • Concentration gives a buff slot and it will increase the regeneration of all combat arts.
  • Capricious Hunter Focus will improve the maximum combat art level of the aspect and improve the regeneration.
  • Cabalistic Voodoo Lore will increase the damage, the speed of casting, and the chance for a critical strike for the skill.
  • Nature Weaver Lore will increase the casting speed, the critical strike chance, and the damage for this skill.

Secondary Skills include Combat Discipline, Ancient Magic, Cabalistic Voodoo Focus, and Nature Weaver Focus.

  • Combat Discipline will increase the amount of combat moves you can put into a combo and you can have increased damage. It will also give more regeneration for that combo.

  • Ancient Magic will increase your spell damage.

  • Cabalistic Voodoo Focus will raise the maximum combat art level for the skill and improve its regeneration.

  • Nature Weaver Focus will improve the skills regeneration and raise the maximum combat level for it.

Defensive Skills

Primary Skills include Shield Lore, Spell Resistance, and Combat Reflexes.

  • Shield Lore should increase your defense and your item level maximum.

  • Spell Resistance will up your resistances to the different spells.

  • Combat Reflexes will give you better dodge ability and evasion. This makes it less of a chance that a foe will land a critical strike on you.

Secondary Skills include Armor Lore, Constitution, and Pacifism.

  • Armor Lore will increase your max item level and give you better resistances.

  • Constitution will give you more health and better regeneration of your health.

  • Pacifism will reduce your PvP damage.

Offensive Skills

Primary Skills include Ranged Weapons, Sword Weapons, Pole Arms, and Tactics Lore.

  • Ranged Weapons increase the speed of attack and the chance to hit with any ranged weaponry.

  • Sword Weapons increase the speed of your attack and the chance you’ll hit with any sword weaponry.

  • Pole Arms increase the attack seed and the chance that you’ll hit with the pole arms.

  • Tactics Lore increases damage with any weapon you choose.

Secondary Skills include Dual Wield, Speed Lore, and Damage Lore.

  • Dual Wield is where you will be able to use two single handed weapons at the same time.

  • Speed Lore will increase the defense and increase your attack, while giving you run speed.

  • Damage Lore will give you a better chance of applying any status effect to your foes.

General Skills

Primary Skills include Alchemy, Enhanced Perception, and Divine Devotion.

  • Alchemy will let you use some of the consumables in the game.

  • Enhanced Perception gives you a chance to see the monsters that are invisible.

  • Divine Devotion will give you good godspell regeneration.

Secondary Skills include Riding and Bargaining.

  • Bargaining is where it will improve the prices and deals you are getting from merchants.
  • Riding will improve your mount’s combat arts and the level of the mount that you are able to use.

Special Mount

Along with being able to use horses as mounts like any other character in the game, Dryads have a special mount that only they can use. Their special mount is a monitor lizard. The armored and horned lizard is a great compliment to the style and finesse of the ranged weaponed Dryad.

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