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Editor’s Note: This is an older article, originally published in Dec, 2008. It has not been updated and contains outdated references. All the articles in this series have been archived and the comments have been closed.

In the interesting world of the Prayer skill in Runescape, there are several different ways of increasing your prayer experience and getting bonuses to prayer. This article will show you all the different ways to get your Prayer skill boosted.

Killing Ghasts

Ghasts are things that live in the Mort Myre Swamp that you can kill to gain prayer experience. This is for members who pay for accounts though and not the free version players. For every ghast that you kill you will get an extra 30 experience to your Prayer skill. These are easier to kill once you’ve gone through the Nature Spirit quest.

Killing Shades

The first thing you’ll need to do is finish up the Shades of Mort’ton quest. After that you will be pouring sacred oil on some logs to use as a pyre once you have killed a shade. You will put the logs and the shade remains both on a pyre in town and light it with your tinderbox. This is using your firemaking skill, but once you are burning the shades, you will be getting prayer experience for it. The experience will change depending on what shade you kill.

  • Loar Shade – This will give you 25 Prayer experience after burning.
  • Phrinn Shade – This will net you 37.5 Prayer experience after you burn it.
  • Riyl Shade – This will give you 61 Prayer experience once you burn it.
  • Asyn Shade – This will award you 79.5 Prayer experience for burning.
  • Fiyr Shade – The best of the bunch, this will net you 100 Prayer experience after burning.


You’ll have to finish the quest of Ghosts Ahoy to do this. But it will net you four times the experience. You will need pots, buckets, bones and the amulet of Ghostspeak to worship ectofuntus. Start off by asking the Ghost Disciple about it. Climb down the trapdoor that is on the west and keep on going until you see a pool of slime. This is why you have the buckets, fill them up. Go back to the temple and grind bones in the bone grinder. Then put that into the pot. Then you’ll need to go back down and use the slime with the ectofuntus. The experience will change depending on what bones you will use.

  • Bones, Wolf Bones, and Burnt Bones – These give 18 Prayer experience.
  • Monkey Bones and Small Monkey Bones – These give 20 Prayer experience.
  • Bat Bones – This will give 21 Prayer experience.
  • Big Bones and Jogre Bones – These give 60 Prayer experience.
  • Medium Monkey Bones – This gives 64 Prayer experience.
  • Large Monkey Bones – This gives 72 Prayer experience.
  • Zogre Bones – This will give 90 Prayer experience.
  • Baby Dragon Bones – This will give 120 Prayer experience.
  • Dragon Bones – This will give 288 Prayer experience.
  • Fayrg Bones – This will give 336 Prayer experience.
  • Raurg Bones – This will give 384 Prayer experience.
  • Ourg Bones – This will give 560 Prayer experience.

Blessed Symbols and Stat Boost Altars

There are two Altars that will boost your Prayer with extra points if you pray at it while your prayer points are already full. One is the Nature Shrine in the Mort Myre Swamp. You can get to this with the ending of the Nature Spirit Quest. It will give you two additional prayer points if you pray at it. The other stat boosting altar is at the Prayer Guild in the upstairs. It will also add two prayer points for praying at it.

To have your holy or unholy symbols blessed, you need to take a holy symbol to Brother Jered (who is at the Monk’s Monastery) or bring an unholy symbol to the Spirit of Scorpius (who is at the north Observatory’s graveyard). This will give a special prayer bonus upon wearing the symbols. To do the unholy blessing you will have to finish up the quest of “Observatory Quest” to get the blessing.


As you can see there are several experience and point boosting ways out there, there is only one more thing to look at in the Prayer skill, and that is the prayer books. After this, you’ll have a great overview of the entire Prayer skill and how you can maximize it for your benefit.

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