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Editor’s Note: This is an older article, originally published in Dec, 2008. It has not been updated and contains outdated references. All the articles in this series have been archived and the comments have been closed.

Prayer skills, the equivalent to many “Priest” or “Healer” skills in other RPG games, are those items that will give boosts to player stats. It comes from getting bones and burying them while praying. It will give you other buffs as well, and this guide will tell you all about the clothes you can wear, the prayers themselves, weapons like maces, and those little items that will boost your prayer skill so that your prayers are better.

Prayer Skill

Prayer skills are located in the right of the game’s screen, with a silver symbol. They will either be colored icons beside the prayer, a lit up icon, or a blacked out icon. Like with the Magic skill, a colored icon means that you have enough skill to do the skill and a blacked out icon means that you aren’t at the required level for the skill just yet. But the lit up icon is new, and it means that prayer is currently active and draining your prayer points. To stop praying, and start raising your prayer points, deactivate the prayer.

Multiple Prayers

You are going to be able to invoke more than one prayer at a time if you do it correctly. Some of the prayers are not stackable and some are, more about this will follow in the Guide to Prayer abilities series here at

Prayer Boosters

Prayer boosters come in many forms, some clothing and amulets will boost your prayer ability, and there are things like prayer books, ectofuntus, and ghasts that will up your skills as well. This too will be gone into more depth as this series goes on. Keep in mind that every little bit help, don’t toss aside that +1 item thinking that one isn’t enough to help. They all will add up!


Just as prayers stack so does the drain effect on your prayer points. You will have to recharge your points at an altar should you hit zero. They are in churches or you may choose to build your own altar in Player Owned Houses. Either way, keep an eye on your prayer points at all times. Learn about bones and prayers in the next two upcoming articles in this series on the Prayer ability in Runescape.

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