Red Dead Redemption "Ammunition" Co Op Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "Ammunition" Co Op Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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One of the more challenging Red Dead Redemption Co Op missions is “Ammunition.” You’ll have to defend Tesoro Azul from an invasion by the Mexican Army, then take out the entrenched forces outside before heading up to defeat a squad of cannoneers stationed on the ridge above.

It’s you and your companions against the Mexican Army, and you’ll have to work together if you want to survive this one.

Defend Tesoro Azul

The mission begins with you and your companions inside Tesoro Azul. Both gates open, and soldiers begin to pour in and shoot at you. If you’re ready for them, you can kill the soldiers as they enter the gate and before they have time to take up defensive positions inside the fort.

Once they’re all down, you’ll hit a checkpoint. Immediately start running to the Eastern gate to avoid the cannon bombardment, and be ready to shoot and move.

The Eastern Front

Take Cover In Red Dead

The Eastern front is the least fortified of the army’s positions, and is consequently the one you should attack first. Several soldiers attack from outside, while another group shoots at you from atop a small ridge to your right.

Take cover, then eliminate the soldiers on the ground. Afterward, flank around and take out the soldiers behind the sandbags on the hill.

Don’t charge up toward the cannoneers, the mounted guns will cut you to ribbons due to the lack of cover. Head back toward the fort once the Eastern front is cleared, you’re going to head around the backside of Tesoro Azul.

The Western Front

Gatling Gun in Red Dead Redemption

The cannons on the ridge can’t reach you as you make your way around the backside of the fort and begin to take out the soldiers on the Western Front. Watch out for Gatling guns, and stay behind cover until you’ve taken out the gunners manning them.

Once the first group of Gatling guns is eliminated, jump on one and use it to kill as many of the soldiers on the Western side of the fort as possible. You’re not going to be able to get them all, but you should be able to soften up the defenses enough to move up without getting killed.

Eliminate all the soldiers behind and around the barricades to continue.

To The Ridge

Red Dead Redemption Weapons Dynamite

Once the Western Front is cleared, you’ll hit another checkpoint and be asked to run back into the fort to pick up some explosives. Only one team member can carry them, so there’s no need for all of you to head in and risk being blown up by cannon fire.

Your instinct may be to charge up the hill and attack the cannons and mounted guns directly, but that’s a recipe for a quick death. Instead, circle around the right side of the ridge until you see a path leading up to an abandoned mine. Several soldiers guard the path, but there are no mounted guns here, so your approach will be much easier.

Follow the path up, clearing out bad guys as you go, until you reach a point behind the entrenched defenses on the ridge. Grab some cover, and start shooting gunners. Watch out, though, because groups of soldiers will spawn behind you constantly up here. Have at least one member of your posse keep an eye on the mini map and immediately call out when reinforcements arrive.

Take out all the gunners and reinforcements until the ridge is clear of bad guys. Once it is, have your explosive carrier plant his dynamite at the indicated position, then head for the detonator. Once your posse is clear of the blast area, hit the detonator and blow the ridge sky high.

The Mexican Army is defeated and your mission is complete.

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